Back from Boise. Home with a Heavy Heart.

We're back from Boise. We had a wonderful few days visiting this sweet family. I am in awe of all of the fun that was had. Water parks, nature walks, antique shopping and delicious food. What more can you ask for? Thank you Fredins for your hospitality and friendship!
While we were away we got word of Nie and Christian's accident. Our hearts have been heavy since hearing the terrible news. While checking in with C Jane's blog one evening, Ryan was looking over my shoulder and noticed the picture of Doug Kinneard, the flight instructor who was flying with the Nielsons and later passed away from his injuries. Ryan was struck by the familiarity of Doug's face and was certain this was the same Doug Kinneard that was in his Mission in Philadelphia. The Brother Kinneard he knew was a former pilot in the Air Force. Had four children and a wife named Roslyn. After some searching, we discovered that this was indeed the same Brother Kinneard. Please remember the Kinneard, Nielson and Clark families in your prayers. They have been asked to carry heavy burdens, let us all do what we can to lighten their load. If you would like to help, go here.


  1. That looks so much fun!!!!!!!! I love the pics. So cute. I forgot if you entered my giveaway yet?
    Bye bye.♥☺♥

  2. I'm glad you had a great little getaway. I love the picture of Abby and Ivy. Such cute girls!

    My heart is also full of sadness for each of these three families. They are all constantly on my mind and in my prayers.

  3. I'm glad you had such a great time in Boise.
    That is so sad about the guy from Ryan's mission, so crazy that it turned out being the same one. My heart goes out to all these families.

  4. I can't believe Ryan knows him! I have been following the ordeal and it just breaks my heart how many lives have been saddened.

  5. Glad you had a quick trip away. Good times with good people is always the best way to spend your time!

    I think this tragedy feels too close to home for all of us, which is an amazing thing coming from the land of blogs.

  6. I thought those were Fredin faces. How incredibly fed in everyway this last few days for you. Visual, spiritually, crafty, friendsy, fun, physical, yes, I would say super fun in Boise.

    It has been a very tough week. It is a tragedy beyond belief sometimes. I am amazed in Ryans knowing him. What a sad sad loss of a good man. Yes the prayers are rising. You can feel the love they have generated from how they live their lives. Bye Danyelle.

  7. Thanks for the long chat...I needed it. So glad your family got to get away and visit friends, and I'm glad your back.

  8. Boise sounds like so much fun! Glad you could get away. :)

    I too, have a heavy heart after hearing about Stephanie, Christian and the Kinneards. I can't stop thinking about it & praying constantly for both of those families.


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