Up and Down.

Hello friends,

What a happy little weekend we had. Saturday we acquired a trampoline from some dear friends. Ours was getting tired + old. The poor thing has a salad plate sized hole in it which has been cause for much anxiety on my part. [although, we have not had any problems...yet] Once the new [to us] trampoline was set up, the children bounced from old to new for most of the day. They were wondering why we had always only had ONE trampoline. The horror! I'm afraid that I'll be out voted and the old tramp is going to keep his cozy spot in our yard under the tall pines where it has been for who-knows-how-long. Right alongside his new friend.

In other happy news, I have been gathering all sorts of pretty things for my craft room. It's taking some time, but it is coming together just as I had imagined in my brain. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures to share with you soon.

On the flip side of all of this, dear Owen had an upset stomach most of Saturday evening and into Sunday as well. No worries, he is on the mend. We have been enjoying a lot of cuddle time and Mr. Bean. We really love that silly Mr. Bean.

I wish you all a happy Monday! I'm off to tend to my Owen and re-watch The Best Bits of Mr. Bean for the 35th time.




  1. Oh my goodness, Macy has not stopped talking about Mr. Bean since Saturday. She imitates him so well and has had me cracking up so much. She keeps reminding me of parts that I have completely forgotten. We'll have to buy that movie now. Thanks again for watching them, even though Owen did toss his milkshake while they were there. I promise I'm not freaking out.

  2. I have to admit, trampolines freak me out. I know the chances of it happening are slim, but I am always afraid the trampoline is going to break and and I'll go hurtling into the ground.

  3. The Rawlins have the same trampoline situation! Their old one was dying so they bought a new one, and now a few months later they still have both up. I can't wait to see what your craft room looks like. We've had our own bouts with sickness the past week--hopefully Owen feels better soon. Oh, and I've loved Mr. Bean since I was little. My parents used to have a video that we'd show everyone when they came to visit. Funny stuff.

  4. I love me some cuddle time with kids! Its' good to have the excuse!

  5. TWO trampolines! I don't blame your kids for not wanting to get rid of one. How much fun would that be??

    I love Mr. Bean. I need to introduce my kids to him, they would love him too.

  6. Ha! Mr. Bean, we were just talking about him. That silly man. Two trampolines looks like a lot of fun for sure!

  7. I cannot wait to see this craft room.
    I haven't seen silly Mr. Bean, but sounds like my kids would love it.
    Glad Owen is feeling a bit better, feeling sickly is NO FUN!!

  8. oh, we need a 'friend' like that. my kids would die for just one! two would be just heaven.

  9. Oh, poor Owen, I hope he feels better soon. That Mr. Bean is hilarious though! I always use to watch him when I was younger. I can't wait to see pictures of your craft room! I'm sure it looks amazing and right out of Pottery Barn Magazine! By the way, those trampolines are looking pretty comfortable right where they are at...good luck!


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