Today I have a date planned with my sweet family.

Today we will spend a few hours by the pool.

Today we are loving this. [thanks Kami!]

Today I will be working on a fun project. [to be shared next week]

Today is Friday!

What will you be doing today?


  1. Today I will be going on a trip. I will post pictures when I get back.
    Bye bye.♥ ;)

  2. Today we will be heading to the pool for our last day of swim lessons (yay) and then me and the hubby are catching the new Batman movie this afternoon.

  3. Today I will be shutteling kids between birthday parties, swim lessons, song practice, and grocery shopping. Oh yeah, and somewhere in between all of that I will be working on my talk for Sunday.

    I LOVE the personalized coloring page! Thanks for sharing the link.

    Have a great weekend Danyelle!

  4. Great link! My kids will love this!

    Maybe we'll see you at the pool!;)

  5. Today I will teach my daughter how to braid hair!

  6. For those of you who have Adobe Photoshop you don't need to download anything extra onto your computer. It looks like a bunch of steps but it is really easy.

    Pick a picture with bright colors and dark lines that is not too busy in the background.

    Take your picture into FULL EDIT.


    Simply DRAG the sketch of the apple to your picture.

    If it too light or too dark go to ENHANCE then use both ADJUST LIGHT/SHADOWS and BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST until you get a look that will allow your kids to add color.

    Go to LAYER at the top of your screen and click on FLATTEN.

  7. Amy I was going to say the same thing, I was pretty sure you could do this in Adobe.

    Sounds like a perfect Friday, Danyelle. I was determined to forgo swimming today and actually do something around my house, but I fear that once again I will cave and find myself at the pool.

  8. I am amazed at all the projects you have going. Wow! Hey, I was wondering if Owen would like to come over and play sometime next week. I think he and Colby would have fun together.

  9. Swimming at the pool, outside on a hot day must be as wonderful as it sounds!

    I plan on staying in the house because it is freezing outside and then go out to dinner:)

  10. I just shipped my family off to a nearby lake...I am home alone...and it is dead silent. Not even music playing yet. I am soaking in the silence.

    I will visit with friends tonight and then sleep in tomorrow, followed by hours of cleaning and calling preparations.

    Then hopefully, I will get to do something fun with my long lost friend...that's YOU!

  11. Well Lytton and I went swimming today, and me and my husband are going on a way overdue date tonight! Exciting!

  12. Mattie and I saw that on Natalies 100% Cottam. I love those pictures. We did Bentley.

    Such a cute notebook. I love the color combo.

  13. Thanks for the shout out Danyelle! I just added you as a blog buddy.

    Today, I will work in my backyard in the hot hot sun, and I love it!


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