Then + Now.

Twenty years ago...I was 7. Here I am in this picture with my daddy and sister. She's the tan blond. Every summer we took swimming lessons at Memorial Pool. I remember walking there from our home. After lessons, it was off to 7-11 for a Slurpee. Those were the days.
Ten years ago...I was engaged. I knew from the second I met my dear husband that I loved him. He is THE MOST amazing, thoughtful, generous, person in the world.

Five years ago...We were at Silverwood with our children [Easton and Abby] and some of our favorite family, Loren and Denise. Oh, what fun we had! Easton and Abby loved the rides. Don't they look so young!
Three years ago...My sweet Owen was getting ready to turn one. We were living in our brand new home on Jasmine Lane and enjoying life.

One year ago...We were in the middle of this. I was expecting Audrey and to be honest, I cried almost everyday. The summer of 2007 will forever be known as the most challenging summer of our lives.

Yesterday...The children and I stayed home all day. A new sick bug wreaked havoc on Owen and Audrey so we spent the day napping and watching movies. Lately, they can't seem to get enough Napoleon D. There's nothing quite like hearing your three year old talk about ligers and how they're pretty much his favorite animal. By the way, did you know ligers are real? Don't believe me? Click here.

I was tagged to do this post by this dear cousin. She is funny and smart and hikes crazy mountains with her baby strapped to her back. Oh, and she's gorgeous!


  1. I LOVED this post! I want to do this! (Because even though you didn't write it, I know secretly you tagged me, right?) I can totally see Owen quoting N.D. How funny. Sorry your kids are sick. Is that why you didn't go swimming this week?

  2. Wow! You're only a year older than me and I feel like you're so much more accomplished! :) Fun post!

  3. It's fun to read about all the different things you were doing at different periods of your life. I'm so glad that you have last summer behind you. It seemed like it was so challenging.

  4. Isn't it weird to think that Audrey is now at the stage that Owen was at 3 years ago? Crazy!

    I love all the pictures, especially the Silverwood picture of Easton and Abby. Holy Cow, they look SO young!

    This was a great post Danyelle!

  5. This was a blast to read, can't wait to do mine!


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