Summer Schedule.

I try to be an organized person and I LOVE a schedule. Before school let out for summer break we spent one Family Home Evening deciding and scheduling what we were going to do this summer. I printed out a calendar and we marked the dates we would spend camping and going on short vacations. The children picked which free movies they wanted to see. I also had them choose eight things [there are eight full weeks from July 1st until school starts] they would like to learn about this summer. This is what they came up with:


US Presidents

Book production/printing/publishing



Seven Wonders of the World

Famous Inventors

Health & Fitness

As I mentioned before, Monday's are our library days. I have found that sometimes it is fun to wander around the library and search out fun, new books. Other times it is great to go with a purpose. Every Monday this summer the children can pick out whatever books they want to stuff in their bags. I will borrow books about our weekly topic.

Last week was Astronomy week. On Monday we drove [it was 105 degrees outside and I didn't feel like sitting at the bus stop with four children and a stroller] to the library. Abby checked out 13 books. Easton had 5 and Owen had 9. I borrowed 5 books from the children's non-fiction section on all things Astronomy and a DVD too. Then, we spent the week learning about comets and stars, meteors and planets. Every morning while Audrey took her nap we had our short "school time". It lasted between 30-45 minutes and was super casual. This was what we did:

::Monday:: Library day! Weekly Topic: Astronomy!

::Tuesday:: Read 2 books to the children and discussed. One was on planets. The other was about comets.

::Wednesday:: Watched DVD. It was 45 minutes of geeky science fun.

::Thursday:: Craft day! The children drew pictures of what they had learned.

::Friday:: Service Day [really has nothing to do with the weekly topic, but I feel it's important] Last week was the 4th, but this week we have already decided we will pull weeds for a neighbor.

It's reasons like this [and SO MANY more] I LOVE being able to stay home with my children. It's rewarding to see them open their minds, discover new things and have fun together!


  1. what a neat idea! I love having a schedule too!

  2. I was wondering how the library thing was going. And now I know it is going fantastic. Great mother doings Dandee.

  3. I love the idea of a weekly topic! My kids would love it too. Thanks for the idea Danyelle.

    And I think you were VERY smart to drive last week!

  4. Schedules are wonderful. I love the idea of a weekly learning topic.
    We continue learning through the summer also. We call it "Brainy Homework."
    Great ideas Danyelle, have a great day today.

  5. Looks like you are doing some really fun things with your kids!

  6. Wow! Truly, I am so impressed. Your kids list of things to learn about, your creativity in the days of the week activities, and the service day!! I love it. You're the dream mom I hope I can be half as good as. :)

  7. What a neat idea! I hope that one day when I'm a mom, I can be half as cool and creative as you are! Thanks for sharing, I love reading :)

  8. i'm bummed to be missing out on library mondays. hopefully we'll make it home in time to join you on construction week. we can take a field trip to andrey's job site! happy summer to you!
    love, lindsay

  9. What a great mommy you are! You are a great example. These are the kinds of things I plan on doing with my kids. Mae already LOVES the library and reading, which makes me very happy indeed.

  10. That sounds like fun to learn about something new each week. Kendle would really enjoy, so we just might have to try it.

  11. May I just say "ditto" to all of the comments above.
    I would be elated to be even half as organized as you are.

    One of my goals this year... not going horribly well so far.

  12. Holy organized.

    Im lucky if we get dinner made. It inspires me...

  13. You put my schedule to shame:

    Monday-Friday: SWIM!!

  14. What great summer ideas! You remind me a lot of my mom- full of fun, good ideas that let you and your kids interact!

    Love it!

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  16. I am such a wanabe like you. I love your perspective of motherhood. Keep up the good work. Awesome ideas.

  17. Oh have no idea how much you inspire me. Thanks.

  18. You amaze me. I love this idea. Hope you don't mind that I'm stealing it- and I posted about it!

  19. Your amazing, Im a slob
    Im not sure if Im inspired or depressed now! :)


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