Five Minutes.

I LOVE my friend Stephanie's organizing tips. Love them. They are a great reminder to me that it is not hard to live an organized, simple life. As I was preparing for Ryan to walk through the door from work this evening, it occurred to me that I had a few tips of my own.

Ryan and I usually have a five minute phone conversation around 4:15p.m. Monday through Friday. I call him to see how his day is going and inquire about the time I should expect him home. [I also take this opportunity to request a stop at the store on his way home if need be. Somehow, I always need something from the store.] After we say our goodbyes, I get busy.

::Clean slider door glass. We use our slider door that connects the carport to the house for our main entrance and exit. [we have a front door, WE just don't use it] You wouldn't believe how filthy, gross the glass gets in just one day. [thanks, Owen] Removing the smudges immediately makes that whole area of the house feel clean. Try it, I know you'll agree. This is the best glass cleaner I have found. You can get some here.

::Wipe down counter tops and get rid of paper clutter. [junk mail, catalogs, magazines]

::Load any stray cups/dishes into the dishwasher. I am a firm believer in keeping the kitchen sink empty.

::Do a quick 5 minute pick up of the upstairs. Any mess that is in the basement usually waits until after the children are in bed.

::Put on one of this sweet friends play lists. Music makes our family happy.

It is AMAZING how these simple tasks make our home feel. Even on days where I have gotten NOTHING accomplished because of a teething baby or whiny children, doing my quick run through of the house before Ryan comes home helps the day not feel like a complete loss.


  1. I am also a firm believer in an empty sink. Even if I haven't "cleaned" the kitchen that day, just having the sink empty makes the entire kitchen FEEL clean.

    I'll have to try that glass cleaner. I've used one from Costco before, but it came in a big blue can. Are they different?

    I AM amazed at how quickly our sliding glass door gets so filthy. With all of the in and outs of the kids and all. But I shouldn't complain. At least it's filled with their fingerprints because they are actually playing outside!

  2. I'm still waiting for the days of dirty glass and windows but I'll keep that glass cleaner in mind! These are great tips. I'm kind of a clutter freak. I can't relax if there's piles of clutter around me. So, a quick pick-up of a room (5 minutes, really!) helps so much! Of course, it helps when everything has a "place." I love our storage ottoman for Madelyn's toys--makes that pick up nice and easy! Also, my mom taught me that if you make your bed every day it makes the whole room feel clean, whether or not it is. It's so true!

  3. I try to do this too. It's funny, because I do it before Bill comes home, but it always makes ME feel better. Now that Bill gets home much later, before the kids go to bed we hurry and pick up the family room. After they're in bed I pick up anything on the table and if I'm really feeling it, I'll move onto the kitchen. Maybe.

    Thanks for the tips!

  4. Love the tips Danyelle...I am sure Ryan appreciates stepping into a nice clean house. Did you notice my living room yesturday!? Check my blog later for an explanation.

  5. oh, i'm getting so excited to clean my own place! silly, but after living in your in-laws basement for a year, the thought of having your own floors to vacuum is quite exhilarating.

  6. Great tips! Can't wait to go to Costco! You are amazing to me! Happy Summer!


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