List Week-Day 5

Mother's Day Wish List

[Pretty things I'm dreaming about. If money were no object, I'd take one of each please.]

This set of lovely cake stands for the home.

One of these cute planners to keep me organized.

This pretty little top...with this cute skirt...and these sweet little earrings to match.

Oh, and this crazy expensive bag to complete the ensemble.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love those earrings, and the cake toppers. Wouldn't it be so nice if money were no object?

  2. What a fun wish list. I never make wish lists. It's too depressing. If I can't get it, I don't want to even think about it.

  3. oh my! what a great list. sometimes making the list and posting the pictures is just as fun as the real thing. {sometimes} i hope you get those cake stands. i can only imagine the gorgeous cupcakes you would make to decorate them.

  4. Buy 2 and I'll go in halves on the cake stand. I just am crazy for it. Its like a bird bath that displays goodies. Oh how tweet.

  5. Everything is lovely, lovely, lovely. The cake stand is gorgeous. Hey, if you can't dream a little.....

  6. I love the cake stands, they are so beautiful,and the outfit is darling. We can all hope for the day when money is no object.

  7. I love the cake stands! You have great taste.

  8. Oh - I think we have the same taste - love these too... that skirt is gorgeous! Love all these things on your wish list!


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