Spring Swappity Swap!

Yesterday afternoon Ryan, the children and I were outside playing four square when the UPS man pulled up with a bit of happy mail. My swap happy mail, to be exact. I couldn't wait to take my box in the house, I just opened it up right there on the front lawn. My heart leapt a little when I opened the package and saw the lovely little treats that were wrapped with such thought and care. A HUGE thank you to Nicole for putting together such a sweet little box of goodness.

It included:

::The sweetest clip board [made by Nicole herself] LOVE THAT!::
::A mixed CD full of fun springy songs::
::Note cards [I can never have too many of these]::
::Sour Patch Kids [devoured by the children in less than 3 minutes. Don't worry, I snagged a few]::
::Ice breaker Candies::
::Air Freshener in a yummy Coconut Lime Verbena scent [my house smells like spring!]::
::Pink fingernail polish::
::Reusable water bottle::
::Eco-friendly notebook and notepads::

So, it's official. I'm addicted to swaps. Thank you again, Nicole! You're a gem! And thank you to Bree for hosting such a fun swap!


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  2. outside playing four square with the children??? You amaze me and inspire me.
    Your package was lovely. Enjoy!

  3. What a swapping score Dandee. So bright and fun.

  4. Wow you are so creative. Those pictures are really bright. I like your crafts you do.
    Bye bye.

  5. If that is not happy mail, then I don't know what is!

  6. I'm amazed at the creativity of all the swappers. That looks like a really fun package. I got a package in the mail yesterday too. It was the new part for my dishwasher: I was happy!!

  7. Ooh, I am going to have to snatch the mix CD to possibly discover some new tunes...

    So glad that your swap package was lots of Springy fun!

  8. I love the way it even looks in these pictures, all the fun springy colors! How fun for you! This swap was super fun. I can't wait for the next.

  9. The swaps you do always look like so much fun! I like all the spring colors and the patterns. I am so ready for Spring!

  10. it is beautiful! wow. what a score of goodies.

  11. You got a ton of goodies...


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