Rolling Along

Miss Audrey learned to roll over and cut TWO teeth all within 2 days of each other.
Next she'll be driving.

[Please forgive the flash. We were in the basement and I had no choice.]


  1. What fun pictures! That is a fun age. I love when they start to figure out new tricks. The teething part isn't too fun though. Ouch!

  2. I love to watch babies figure out how to roll. Especially when they get stuck on their chubby little arms, it's just the cutest thing!

    Yay for Miss Audrey on the rolling!

  3. Your baby is so cute. Those are cute pictures of her rolling over.
    Its cute when babys get teeth. Well have fun with Miss Audrey. You must be a good mother to Audrey.
    Bye bye.

  4. She's a fast learner! That's great. Teeth already? I cannot believe it, she will be driving in no time.

  5. She has got such pearcing blue eyes! I love it.
    And how fun to go to Portland with your hubby!

  6. Please forgive the flash? I must be a serious amateur photographer to not know that flash is a bad thing.
    Yay for Audrey! I can't believe how big she's gotten.

  7. It is funny to see the differences between a child that can see, and one that can't. Try as we might, Elisabeth wants nothing to do with rolling over. The therapist said something about how since she doesn't see her surroundings, she has no desire to roll to anything.

    Aren't teeth and the slobering that comes with them nice?

    ~The Donald

    Lisa tries to avoid the flash, she said it drowns out the pic...I could care less.

  8. So cute! She is growing so quickly.

    And I totally get the flash thing. I hate to use it. However your pics are adorable! And she is just a doll.

  9. I recognize some of those toys.....I think we have a few of them around here somewhere.

    Not only does Elisabeth need to learn to roll like Miss Aubrey, she needs to learn how to keep a binky in like Aubrey too.

    She is a doll! I just noticed the cute little bear face on her bum. Love it!

  10. Your family is gorgeous!!! I am so glad to have stumpled upon your are way creative!
    Enjoy your miss Audrey on the move. My dd is almost 20 mths now- I feel like she was just crawling yesterday =)

  11. YEAH! Shes rolling over! Teething stinks though she is ahead of the game lytton hasn't sprung any teeth yet!


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