I am a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions. I love making lists and setting goals. This year I decided to break my list into four categories. Physical, Personal, Spiritual, and Family. Here is a snippet from each category.


* Run a 10K with Ryan

* Climb this mountain at least 2X a month


* Take a cake decorating class

* Host a dinner party

* Learn how to take great pictures with my new camera


* Do this

* And this

* And this


* Take a really great vacation together

* Plant a garden

I love the idea of posting these because I feel it makes me more accountable.
I'll keep you posted on my progress...


  1. ohhhhhh! what a pretty little shiny camera that is.
    i was thinking of taking a photog class this year. maybe even a photoshop one, too. i bet with a camera like that the classes aren't necessary. just push the button and !!flash!! great etsy shots. =) happy resolutions. love, lindsay

  2. Great resolutions. I love hearing what other people's are. I hear ya on the feeling more accountable because it's out there now where everyone has seen it....I'm feeling the pressure now with my declaration.

  3. Those are great resolutions. Thanks for the reminder--I'll have to sit down and make some of my own. How does that camera compare with the Canon Rebel? Matt's been wanting one of those for a long time.

  4. I think we have the same camera, I totally need to learn how to use it better and get some new picture editing software. I've never climbed Badger Mountain, I'll have to try that out if I can. Good luck on your goals for this year!

  5. Great list Danyelle. I think these are all attainable goals, so I'm excited for you to pass each one off of your list! You can do it!

    We are going to plant a garden this year too. I can't wait until we can pick some of that lucious food from our very own cozy garden!

  6. Great goals! Don't you just love new cameras? Shayla is looking into a digital camera class that she, me, and Michelle B. may all take together. You should join us!

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  8. Emily,
    I have to admit that I don't know a lot about the Powershot yet. This is what I do know: the Rebel is an SLR{Single Lens Reflex} meaning you change lenses to get a specific result. The Rebel also has a great reputation. I decided on the Powershot because of ease of use and budget. The Powershot has an amazing built in Macro lens that allows for great close up's {I need this feature for ETSY} and runs about $200 less than the Rebel. The Rebel only comes with one lens {unless you buy it in a package deal} and most lenses start at $150 and go up. I have a lot to learn about photography, and I felt like I should learn to work a camera in "Manual" mode before I go and make a huge investment. Someday I hope to get a really great digital SLR with some awesome lenses, but for now, the Powershot is perfect!

    Kim, just tell me the time and place and I am there! I am super interested in taking a class and I know some other people that are too. Let me kow what you find out...

  9. Great list. Can I just copy and paste it over to my blog so I don't have to do all the thinking about it?

    You'll do great. I'm excited to see you accomplish each goal.

  10. I loved reading your resolutions. New Years is such a great time to re-evaluate what you want in life. And you're right, it's good to let people know what your doing because there is SO much pressure to actually accomplish your goal.

  11. It's late, I know. I might not sleep tonight. Projects!

    Great resolutions, you'll master them all, I am! That's the Danyelle way :)

  12. Oooo...purty camera. I am camera-less at the moment and feeling envious. Wonderful goals! I haven't done resolutions for a couple of years now. I think it's time to bring it back.


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