New Things I Love

I planted some paper whites New Year's Day and the blooms made their big debut this week. They are so lovely and add such life to our home this time of year.

Ryan bought me this artwork for Christmas. He picked it out on his own! I can't express to you how much I love it. Dear Aunt Tami also bought me these. I can hardly wait to get them framed.

{Hopefully, this week}

New Jewelry! Oh, how I love jewelry! The earrings on the upper left came from this stylish gal from SLC. The silver earrings second from the left were a birthday gift from my dear friend, Kristin. The tiny diamond studs were left to me by my grandmother after she passed away. She has been gone almost two years now, but my Aunt just recently mailed them to me and I love them. The silver ring is AWESOME! Ryan bought it for me last Christmas. I will blog about it soon. It's worth an entire post. The gorgeous bronze cuff bracelet on the left was my birthday gift from Marilyn. It goes so perfectly with the earrings Stephanie gave me and I love it so, so much. The faux gold bracelet was a Target find. A mere eight bucks. I can handle that.

All of this lovely jewelry is showcased in this pretty little cabinet that sits on my bathroom counter. In the last house, this cabinet hung on the wall in the kitchen. It has been re purposed and I am so pleased with it's new functionality. Now, if I can just figure out a great way to store all of my other jewelry, I'll be set!

I would be thrilled to hear about the new things you are loving.

Have a happy, sunny, Wednesday!


  1. I am loving my new music, and my new Etsy jewelry. Specifically this and this.

    I am also really loving the way your camera is taking such gorgeous photos!

  2. no poop. i'm loving that. (you'll have to check out my newest post for info on this newwest love.)

  3. New jewelry always makes me happy too. Those are all such great pieces. And the cabinet works perfectly there.

    What am I loving? Hmmm...that the laundry is almost done...after I have been putting it off for two days...

  4. I am loving that Mitt Romney won the Michigan primary, that my husband is home from his business conference, and that I don't have to make something for dinner tonight!

    I really like the picture that Ryan got for you, it looks great hanging on your wall!

  5. Can I just say you have a great talent for taking pictures!!

  6. My January/February magazine of Blueprint (on news stands now) has a whole article on creative solutions for jewelry storage. I have been eyeing a few of their ideas........we'll see what I come up with :) You might want to check it out!

  7. Today has been a treasure hunt day of blogs for me. I have come across so many new blogs by people I know I feel like I won the lottery! I came across yours through Marilyn’s and I hope you don't mind my stopping in. I would really like to put you on my site as link if you don't mind. I feel like it has been ages since I saw you last and you look beautiful as usual and your family looks wonderful. Happy Birthday Easton. And congrats on the baby! Kristen told me and being the wonderful friend that I am I never even called I am so sorry! Hopefully this whole blogging thing will help me keep in touch. Hope to hear form you sometime, Niki Rimmasch

  8. Wow! I agree with Marilyn, your pictures are beautiful. You are creating a lovely photo journal on your blog, it's so fun to look at. Easton is 8??? I guess when I think about it I should have realized that Easton is 8 because he's only a few months younger than Dallin. Lovely Blog!!

  9. I am loving my three new shirts and new jeans from Maurices (thanks Kim) and my new Twilight playlists. Did I just say that out loud?

  10. I love paper whites... but does anyone else think they smell like a dirty diaper or is that just me?

  11. I have a lot to respond to on this post...

    Marilyn, I love your new jewelry! I can't wait to see you with it on!

    Noelle, No poop = Big problems. Just ask Audrey.

    Tiffani, I should post a picture of the MOUNTAIN I finally folded last night. Yikes.

    Sarah, You have inspired me. I really need to start paying more attention to this election. I think I'll call Mitch.

    Rosie, Thank you for your nice comment. Can I just say once again, how happy I am that we re connected!

    Lisa, I heart Blueprint. Did you hear that it is going out of print? So, so sad.

    Niki, Thank you for finding me! I can't wait to get caught up. I also can't wait to see recent pictures of your children!

    Debie, I can't believe Easton's 8 either. In.sane. {p.s. I already love your blog}

    Alicia, I want new clothes! Also what does a Twilight playlist sound like? You should put it on your blog.

    Heather, I totally get what you're saying. Paper whites: Pretty to look at, not pretty to smell.

  12. new things i love:
    *your fabulous circle of friends that has taken me in under their wings.
    *your sweet abby and her watercolored rainbow on my fridge
    *dr. thunder


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