Just in case you were wondering...

If any local people would like to make an order from my etsy shop, {she did, and so did she}convo me through etsy or shoot me an email. I will make a custom listing just for you that will NOT have a shipping charge. Your lovely package will come hand delivered by moi. Can't get better customer service than that, can ya'?

Also, if you are interested in something that has already sold, convo me as well. I can most likely make another one with you in mind.

Have A Fabulous Day!

I plan to.


  1. Your blog is beautiful, your shop is beautiful and your family and you are beautiful. You've made my day. I have grown wheatgrass on and off since 1982. Yes! I am one of those hippies who believes in the powers of this earthy grass. I use to and still do sometimes, drink the juice. I never tire of the crisp green color though. The juice obviously did not help my BRAIN, because I never thought to put it in a cute can and sale it to make others happy too. Excuse me, I need a moment.

  2. Look at me posting after Jan. Ditto...Except for the growing wheatgrass part.

  3. yes, I have been wondering. You have the most beautiful items in your shop and there are a few things that I have decided I NEED. I'll get in touch with you one of these days with an order :)

  4. i love the grass. abe's bro is getting married and i actually brought these up to my mom to use as centerpieces. hey - someone had a wedding blog posted and it was beautiful but i can't remember who it was and what the blog was. any ideas?

  5. I grew wheat grass at school. There 6inces now and I planted them last week.


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