This Weekend

Mail Christmas cards. Check.

Finish shopping. Check.

Date night with Ryan. Check.

Finish wrapping gifts. Check.

Do 241 loads of laundry. Check.

Make some nifty gift tags. Check. {I'll show you tomorrow}

Work on some "handmade" gifts. Check.

Gifts for two teachers. Check. Check.

Enjoy some quiet time with Miss Audrey. Check.

Doesn't that feel good?


  1. I love very productive weekends too!

  2. My weekend was less than productive, although I did manage to produce vomit in front of a stranger's house while out for a walk on Saturday. Does that count?

    Your list is fab. I'll be joining you in the laundry room today.

  3. I'm in the laundry room today too! I've gotta get a lot of stuff done in the next 2 days! I can't believe Christmas is in a week! It's so exciting!

  4. Be thoroughly amazed at all Danyelle can do in one weekend. Check.

    Glad you were able to have your quite time with Audrey... it's the most important on the list.

  5. I love your date night with Ryan in there. I don't think me and Riley have been out on a real date in a couple of months. Maybe that will change this Friday night. In the meantime I'll be in the laundry club today as well.:)

  6. LAUNDRY, not check, how bout chuck- like chuck out of the window!

  7. I envy your list especially the checks! Thanks for the teacher reminder. I've gotta get that on my list!!! Congratulations, it does feel soooooooo good to get things done.

  8. Is it sad that our date night will consist of last minute Christmas shopping tomorrow afternoon? Yeah...nice date.

    Way to go checking everything off of your list Danyelle. You definitely deserve some of that quiet time with Miss Audrey Mae after doing 241 loads of laundry ;)

  9. I want to know were you got your picture of Pres. Hinckley from your 2 post ago with your mom and Abigail? Did you have it at the 108 building about a month ago? it....want to have it!
    I love lists....they make you feel like you have accomplished something! I show my lists to my husband so he can see the billion things I do!

  10. Could I borrow a cup of energy neighbor?

  11. Happy birthday Danyelle--your card is darling! Thanks!

  12. You make me ill. I don't have a new baby and I am nowhere near accomplishing what you've accomplished. I finally mailed off my Christmas cards today and wanted to throw a parade in my honor. It seems like every "check" on my list is a three-day process.

  13. I just re-read that and it was very negative. Great job, Danyelle, you rock!


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