I remember how excited I was whenever a snow day was declared. I plan on making today as magical as possible for my children. We will:

* Play in the snow {of course}

* Drink a lot of hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows

* Stay in our comfy clothes

* Watch a holiday movie together

* Discuss what we will get for the father for Christmas


* Make gingerbread houses for Family Home Evening!

Have a lovely, snowy day with your children.
Make it special!


  1. How fun! I'm jealous. Hopefully there's snow for Christmas while we're up there.

  2. Ha! It's HOT here. As in, t-shirts.

  3. We were so happy to have a snow day too! Hannah was bundled up and out the back door by 7:30, she was so excited! And there are currently 6 cocoa mugs floating my sink from hot chocolate.

    3 children x 2 venturings outside = 6 cocoa mugs floating in the sink ;)

    I love snow, I love snow!!! Espcecially because I have NOWHERE to go today!!!

  4. i wonder what it'd take to have a snow day here. my friend who grew up in sandy said the last one she remembers was in junior high and it snowed 3 feet in 3 hours. so enjoy your day off. what fun for the kids. how do you guys do gingerbread houses?

  5. As I look out the window now, all of the snow is melting away. It was a fun morning though, hope your kids enjoyed themselves.

  6. Yeah, out here in the country there wasn't even a darn delay. I was kind of bummed!

  7. Sounds like a piece of heaven to me. We made gingerbread houses last night here at the cottage too. With six houses lined up across my dining table the sweet smell of gingerbread mixed with the pine of the tree has me literally in giggles. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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