Mmm Caramel...

Plans changed a little yesterday. Dipping chocolates is on the agenda for TODAY! I can't tell you how excited I am, considering how well these little darlings turned out.

It took a whopping 2 hours over the stove, but the concoction finally reached the magic temperature of 238 degrees, and the caramel turned out lovely. Wish me luck with the chocolate!

Check back later to
see the finished product!


  1. Those look great! The finished product is going to be YUM-O!

  2. Yeah, even without the chocolate, those look divine!

  3. Those are going to be really good. Home made caramels are the best.

  4. you and me sister. i spent three hours making mint ganache brownies to deliver. turned out amazing though i realized i need a new pampered chef pan to help me get them out of the pan easier. these look amazing.

  5. At least we weren't the only ones. My mom and I made turtles yesterday too--and it took an hour and a half for the caramel to get done! Still have to dip them today...I got the Phyllis tutorial on Wednesday.


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