Christmas Wish List #4

Two wish list posts in a row you ask? Oui.

I am feeling the need to get creative with fabric and I think this book will get all sorts of juices flowing.

If I judged a book by it's cover {which I admit to sometimes doing, and I know you do too} than I would say, "Yes, Please!"

I know someone out there loves me enough to buy me this gem.


  1. I think this cover is lovely! Here's to hoping you get it.

  2. i just ordered a book just by the cover. well, and the title. it's called 'creating the not so big house' and i'm so excited to have them email me and let me know it's come in for me. hopefully santa will have this one come in for you too!

  3. dandee, I received this book for my birthday last month and am in love with it! I'm pretty sure you will be too. there are some pillows that I'm jonesing to make for my new sofa. the new year will bring many craft projects from this book I'm sure of it!


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