Bow Tutorial

Here we go! This one is even longer than the last.
{I used about 2 1/2 yards of ribbon for this package.}

Step 1: Place your package with the seam on the paper facing down. Pull the ribbon length wise over the package. While still holding onto both ends of the ribbon, turn package over. The seam on the paper should now be facing up.

Step 2: While holding ribbon taught in both hands, twist ribbon so you are now wrapping it width wise over the package. While holding tightly on both ends of the ribbon, turn package over again so the seam on the paper is facing down.

Step 3: Now that the package is right-side-up, loop both ends of the ribbon through itself so it stays in place while you assemble your bow. {you can tie it in a knot if you like}

Step 4: To assemble a nice size bow you will need approximately 1 yard of ribbon.

Step 5: Take 8 inches of ribbon on fold it over onto itself. Hold the tail of the ribbon {this will be the short tail} in your left hand while you work.

Step 6: Make another loop, this time coming from the opposite end of the ribbon {the long tail}.

Note: The long tail is the end that you are supplying the loops from.

Step 7: Continue to make 3 loops on both sides of your bow.

Step 8: Once you have completed all of your loops, hold the bow together tightly in your hand and place over the knot on your package.

Step 9: Using the ribbon tails from the knot on your package, tie another knot over the bow you have just created and secure tightly.

Step 10: Fluff your loops. You have just created a beautiful bow!

Don't get discouraged with your first couple of tries. It has taken a lot of practice to be able to do this. I know you can do it too!

Have a lovely weekend...
...and go wrap some presents!


  1. Very helpful Danyelle! Thank you!!! I love that black and white paper with the green bow. So chic!

  2. Can I just bring mine to you? I am not that good. Great job, and awesome tips. Maybe I will muster up the courage to try. Good thing Little Man had his bday yesterday so I didn't have to try it then. It was too crazy.

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  4. I had no idea that you could buy wrapping paper from Old Navy. I love the black and white paper. Thanks for all of the tips.

  5. You didn't mention ribbon sources. I love that green ribbon. Green and black are my favorite colors. (And for the wrapping challenged I have probably 50+ of that same black patterned bags if anyone wants any.)

  6. My mom taught me this many years ago, but somehow I forgot how to do it. I am going to re-learn it again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Sarah, some of the cutest paper I've ever purchased has come from Old Navy. Go figure!

  7. i love it! my presents are going to rock this year!

  8. Mitch wraps the presents in this house. He does it with care also. As I said before "it must be a Mathews thing".

  9. I think it's a great tradition to have wrapping be so fun! This bow looks like it's hard. I will have to give it a try!

    Tami, I'll take some of those gift bags! Thanks! :)

  10. Two questions: One, doesn't it kill you to use so much ribbon on one present? And two, how do you know how long to cut your ribbon before wrapping it around the present? This is my problem, I either cut it too short and it's useless, or too long and I have to cut some off and then I have a useless short piece of ribbon. This was so great, you are amazing!

  11. I love that red paper from the dollar bin at Target. I totally cleaned them out of it last week. What color ribbon did you use with it?

  12. I used red and white bakers twine. How about you?

  13. danyelle - i just went back to this post so that i could get your awesome tutorial on present wrapping for my SIL's saucy frocks apron we are giving her for her shower this saturday. i'll have to forward you a picture of it. i'm DIEING over the paper you have. her favorite colors are black red and white and that is the color of the apron. arg! i need to find some of this paper tomorrow. any ideas? (my email address is:


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