Bow Tutorial

Remember my camera problems? They haven't gone away. While taking pictures last night for the bow tutorial, Ryan noticed that every shot was coming out blurry. This camera of ours just might be on it's way out, so until I have time to figure out this problem, go here. This lady is the real expert. And while we're on the subject of gift wrapping, check out this link. It's full of great advice on resources and is a lovely blog you should be visiting everyday. When I get the camera figured out, I plan on doing an entire "gift wrapping tutorial". Should be fun!

In other news, this girl was my first ETSY customer. You have no idea how excited I was when I checked this morning and saw someone had made a purchase. Thank You!

Also, check the shop this evening, I plan on listing some new items.

Have a happy December day.


  1. Congratulations on your first sale Danyelle!

    Thanks for the links. I do not wrap very pretty packages, so these will be VERY useful for me!

  2. I always love to see your wrapped gifts because your presentation is so lovely. I'm glad you're showing us how to tie bows so I will no longer have to say, "Um...Carson wanted to help me wrap the present..." when someone sees my sorry excuse for a wrapping job.

    I'm sad we won't be in the same ward together either. Talk about bad timing---I move in just as your leaving.

  3. I was hoping it would make your day to have your first sale. Plus I can't wait to get those tags! I still have lots more presents to wrap!

  4. I always love to get new tips on how to do things better and easier. Yesterday I caught a little bit of the Today show and they were showing different materials to wrap presents with, and I guess there's a website where you can print off designed paper. I'll have to see if I can find it, or maybe you already know.

  5. I clicked on their link at the Today show and took me to Martha Stewart, so you might have already seen it.

  6. so sorry about your camera. i guess you won't be getting that amazing coat, you'll be getting a camera instead for Christmas. is that a good thing? congrats on your first purchase! i was thinking i was traveling into blogger unknown when i clicked on who bought your tags and low and behold i was onto her next after you!


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