Weekend Update

After I got over the flu, I got a cold. Will this madness never end? Well, I wasn't going to let it get me down. I finally read this:
And started reading this:

I was also surprised at my husbands sudden urgency to purchase a couch for the basement, so thanks to Co2's closing, we got a smokin' hot deal and bought this:

It's super comfy {notice Audrey sleeping} and I promise the upholstery isn't that crazy looking in person. We wanted a sectional, but no leather {this is a basement, people brrrr} and apparently they don't make sectionals in anything but leather or microfiber. That is, unless you want to spend at least $3,000. No thank you, so microfiber it is.

I also accomplished a project I have been wanting to tackle since receiving my holiday Pottery Barn catalog a couple weeks ago. I was inspired by this:

So I made this:

I already had the old books, so this project cost ZERO dollars. LOVE THAT! Now I need to get to the store and buy some fabulous red ribbon to make it complete!

p.s. I think I might try to find some old Christmas sheet music and make another.


  1. When I have the flu, which I currently due, I spend my time lying on my couch moanly softly. You spend your time with the flu reading book after book, buying furniture and making crafts. What am I missing here????

  2. So do you like the books? You didn't say.

    I love the couch, now we can come over, watch The Office and have somewhere to sit, Yay!

    I think I might have some old Christmas music you could use. I'll check. They turned out very cute.

  3. Funny comment from Karen!

    Your couch is lovely. We bought an end table and a cool magazine racky-thing from Co2 a month or two ago, but I need to go back in and see if there are any other good deals.

    So the question is, what do you think of the vampire books?

    The Pottery Barn inspiration is awesome! So great that you could have paid like $700 (exaturating bit, I know) for those, but you made them for free! Brooke made Claire's costume from an inspriration out of Pottery Barn kids. It was $90 in the catalog, but she made it for 10! Check it out here brojonelson.blogspot.com So stinkin cute!

  4. Yeah, I'm curious too, if you like those books! You must if you are starting the 2nd book.

    The couch is great! I bet it's so nice to have something comfy to sit on! I love your craft. It looks great!

    I hope you guys get feeling better soon! Your class only had 4 kids in it! There must've been a lot of people gone yesterday! It was fun being in there. You can call me anytime!

  5. I like the new couch, it looks really comfy and perfect for family movie night (or reading a good book whiile you're recovering from a cold). Get better soon!

  6. That's funny, I read Twilight a week or so ago when I was sick. I think I might have been the only only person in AZ who hadn't read it (local author). I'm currently 86th in line at the library to get the second one.
    p.s. cute couch

  7. I loved those book wreaths when I saw them too! Yours turned out so cute. I'm glad that you're not letting the sickies get you down! Very nice couch. CO2 is closing? That's sad.

  8. You truley inspire me. I saw those in Pottery Barn and loved them, and now you made them. I am glad you are reading the vampire books and I call them. I loved them as wierd as they are.


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