Every evening after dinner, Audrey takes her place on top of the counter while Ryan or I do the dishes. She loves to look at the under cabinet lighting and listen to the running water. This particular evening we had a nice shiny pot to wash. After it was clean and placed next to Audrey to dry,
she discovered herself. {Don't worry about my dear child's safety, we have very large counter tops and it is nearly impossible for her to roll off. }

Here is a sneak peek of the mobile I have been trying to complete all week. This tops my to do's this weekend. Hopefully I will have a picture of the completed project to post on Monday.
Have a lovely Autumn weekend.
{p.s. I am very pleased with my new do.
It is short and there are bangs involved.}


  1. Cute baby, cute project, now where's the picture of the cute hair?

  2. I have been whacking on my hair the last few days. Took 3" off my bangs and last night had the scissors in hand to take them up another 3". I think I might wait and have Kary do them when I go down to AZ this week. Can't wait to see your new do. I am sure you look darling. I wish I had your hair. Want to trade?

  3. That reflection picture is so darn cute. I want to see your hair, a few more hours...

  4. That is a wonderful little momemt you captured of Audrey in that picture. Hopefully I'll see you tonight at Rochelle's event and I can check out your cute new style.

  5. Yea, for a new hair cut! How fun! I love change. I'm sure it looks awesome! Your baby is as precious as ever!! Love the picture! I think I need to hold her again. Although it could cause me to want one of my own......:)

  6. Looks like a cute mobile in the making! I want to see your cute hair now too! And, of course, Audrey is cute too!

  7. i have always been so tempted to cut my bangs. but i am also one of those people who can't stand hair in my face so i've always been talked out of it. can't wait to see and live through your bangs.
    i love the picture of audrey. love that you remember to take pictures of those little events that are so precious.


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