Christmas Wish List #1

You may recognize the artwork of Irene Suchocki. She has been featured here, here, and here. I must have one of these pieces. I don't care which one, they would both look lovely in my basement. And besides, I like surprises. View more her beautiful artwork in her etsy shop here.

Have a nice weekend.
I'll be busy working on a few projects I'm excited to share with you all next week.
till then...


  1. Just looked at her Etsy site and am loving The Hanging Garden. Beautiful, and at a great price too!

  2. I love her work because they look so warm and fuzzy and cozy. I think they would warm up any room in any home. Good picks!

  3. They are beautiful. Is the top one cherry blossoms? I want it!!

  4. Very pretty pictures. It's amazing how one picture can transform a room and totally change the mood.

  5. I can spend hours looking at her work. I am usually not a photograph person, but her work is more like paintings, warm as M puts its. Amazing stuff. I have been considering editing my walls to make room for some of her stuff.


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