Baby Shower

I love hosting parties. It's a great excuse to get creative. I also love my new little nephew Branson, and having a party where he gets lots of presents makes it all worth it.

We have poor lighting in our living room so I strung up some Christmas lights.
They looked lovely.I went with a bird theme for the party. I love birds. I filled these nests with jordan almonds, butter mints, and cashews. Yum.
I talked about these yesterday.

The guests chatting it up.
I was excited to make this. Baby Branson was born 6 weeks early and is currently on house arrest. That meant he wasn't allowed to attend his own party. Doctors orders. I decided we needed to have TONS of pictures of him so all the guests could get a gander at how sweet this baby is. I had Branson's mother email me some pictures and then had them developed in wallet size. I attached the pictures to the branch with some twine. I love the way it came together.
{I'm going to re-use this idea for a Thanksgiving project}
I had the same pictures blown up into 4X6, 5X7, and 8X10's and made a collage for the glass doors of my hutch.
So easy!

This little sign read "Welcome Baby Branson". Welcome indeed.
Enjoy your day.
I'll be spending it tending to my sick daughter and reading New Moon so this girl can read it next.


  1. That looks enchanting! What a great shower! You amaze me with all your creative juices! Send some my way please.....Ü

    I hope your little girl gets better soon, no fun having a sick one over the holiday!

  2. Those pictures of Branson are too precious. I love the one of his little hands covering his face. Congratulations to Amy, he is a beautiful boy, and I'm so glad that he is doing so well after making his early arrival.

    You did a great job on everything!

  3. It was a lovely evening, you did a great job.

  4. Ditto. You are so creative! I just want to soak in all I can and store these awesome ideas away in my brain for future use! I love your home. It's beautiful. Even the stinky bathroom. I loved cuddling with sweet Audrey!! I got my baby fix, thank you!! Just wish I wasn't the only one stuffing my face in the group picture!! :)

  5. Looks like it was a well attended party and lots of fun. I love the idea of photos in the hutch and on the tree! Too cute! The Christmas Lights are a great touch! Your house is beautiful even through camera!

  6. Love the tree, love the photos, love the bird nest snacks, love everything! Seriously let me hire you if I ever need help planning a major event. You are so talented!

  7. it looks amazing. what a fun time. even though people say they don't need a shower for a child of the same gender as one before, it's always so fun to have something new for the new one. you are a great sister in law. my baby is due in december. hint hint. :)

  8. The shower looked like it turned out amazing. You definitely have a talent for these type of things and I'm sure Amy appreciated all the hard work you went to.

  9. It was amazing. I expected it to be, but you still maanaged to blow me away. All the little The photo ideas were awesome, especially the tree. So cool. Okay, I'm running out of adjectives. I totally laughed at your last comment. How sweet of you to try and rush through it so I can read it soon. I feel bad though, since I got a copy of it yesterday! Hopefully you read this soon so you can slow down and just enjoy the book.


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