When you have a new baby...

...this is what you do on a Friday night.

Family Movie Night!

Movie choice? "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids"
A perfect way to spend a chilly
fall evening with the children.


  1. Audrey really looks so much like Abby lying there next to each other. And holy cow! Owen looks like such a big boy now. I don't know if it's because he's had a huge growth spurt, or if it's just in comparison to the baby. These are great pictures!

    I love that Abby is the only kid still hangin in there for the movie!

  2. Precious, precious moments. That baby is so gorgeous! Just like Abby!

  3. Wow!! The hair! Our friday nights look like that without a baby.

  4. Sounds like a fun family night. I haven't seen Owen in forever. He looks all grown up!

  5. i love the picture. looks so peacefull. was it like this the whole movie? :)

  6. Nothing like some good old family bonding. Looks like a fun time, I would be one of the kids asleep on the floor. It's a great feeling to have a new baby in the house. How's Owen doing with that?

  7. Those are some sweet pictures. Looks like a nice and relaxing evening! Glad you all got some rest!

  8. Audrey looks like she fits right in. Abbey's hair looks highlighted and this is an adorable picture.

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