Shadow Dancing

This was our FHE activity on Monday night.
I got the idea here and let me tell you, shadow dancing is where it's at.

Check out Owen's moves.

Easton displaying his break dancing skills.

The children loved posing for their silhouettes.

When we were all done dancing, I did this.

I love those sweet cheeks.


  1. That sounds like a good time for all. Kids can bust out their best moves, and parents can laugh and cheer them on. What a fun mom and dad you are!

  2. That does sound like fun. I seriously thought that picture was of Ryan, not Easton though! ha ha

  3. I thought it was Ryan too!

    I can't believe how big Owen is getting! He has completely lost that toddler look, he now looks like such a big boy!

    This sounds like a fun idea. My kids would love this too.

    Go's your birthday...get busy!

  4. When I saw that on Design Mom, I thought that looked like so much fun. My kids would get a kick out of that too.

    I lOVE that picture of Owen shaking his bootie. So funny.

  5. my kids friends think it's weird that my boys say 'hey, let's turn on some music and dance'. it's obviously a normal thing around here. right now there favorite song is 'what i've done' by linkin park. we'll have to do the shadow dancing. i can't imagine how much MORE cool dancing with kids will be while they watch their shadows. great idea.

  6. Getting your boys comfortable dancing (and with themselves dancing in public) will be a wonderful gift to their future wives. My favorite shot is of Owen. He is just so soft, squishy and squeezable... and a character.

  7. That is hilarious! What a fun night. I want to have FHE at your house! Seriously, that picture of Owen shaking his groove thang is hilarious. That kid is gonna be a comedian. And I also thought that was Ryan break dancing at first.

  8. What a great activity! My kids would love it! These pictures are great!


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