"Punkin" Patch

Saturday we took the children to "The Maze" pumpkin patch. Our dear friends insisted on giving us a free family pass and we were happy to oblige.

This was the first excursion I had the chance to use my new Hotsling. I LOVE IT!
Audrey was as snug as a bug in a rug and kept me warm to boot.
Owen loved picking out his own "punkin".

Easton loved jumping off the hay mountain.

Everyone loved the view from the top.

{Audrey and I stayed safely on the ground so we could get this shot}

They even had a fun barrel train that was pulled by a four wheeler.

This was definitely the children's favorite part of the day.

Although they also loved getting lost in the maze...

...and being pushed out to the patch in a wheel barrow.

We opted for this route rather than the hayride.

{Mommy needs the exercise}

Our annual chili and cinnamon roll dinner will be served tonight before we carve our pumpkins.

I love this time of year and the traditions we enjoy.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch! I love the picture of the two kids in the wheelbarrow! So fun! Audrey looks so cuddly and warm in your Hotsling!

  2. Isn't Country Mercantile great? Very cute pictures. We missed you guys at the party Saturday night!?!

  3. this looks like so much fun. thanks for the reminder. i swear i would have forgotten to buy pumpkins today to carve tonight. and i LOVE your hotsling. can't wait to get mine. i found them on ebay for $15 cheaper than online so i'm hoping to get that for Christmas. i think i'll send abe the link. do you think that would be a big enough hint?

  4. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. What a fun place to spend the day. I like that Ryan even climbed up on the tower of hay.

  5. These are great pictures Danyelle. Fun, fun family day. I think Easton has suddenly grown up overnight, he's looking so much older to me...well that could be that I haven't actually seen him in person for quite a while!

    Your chili and cinnamon roll night sounds wonderful. Have a great FHE!

  6. Yum! Chili and cinnamon rolls sound so good! I agree, this time of year is so wonderful because the holidays really promote family togetherness. I absolutely love traditions. Growing up, my family didn't really have that many so it's been important to me to start so many of my own with the family I have now.

  7. I'm am amazed that all of your kids fit in the train together! When we went some guy got in to ride and then he couldn't get out! Too funny!!!

  8. We really missed going to the pumpkin patch this year. We decided from now on we are going to leave the pumpkin growing to professionals, cuz its more fun to go to that patch than your own backyard.


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