Abby's 6th Birthday...

...In Pictures. Because that's all I have time for right now.

Abby wanted a flower party so Martha taught me how to make these balloon flowers for the decorations.

The guests loved posing for the camera.

For an activity we painted flower pots.

And then we had some delicious cake.

After Abby opened her gifts all of the girls wanted to play with them. Then...

they wanted to jump on the trampoline.

To cap off the party everyone planted a pansy in their painted pots to take home. I much prefer sending children home with something handmade and lovely rather than a sack full of sugar.

Happy Birthday Abby!


  1. i am soooooo going to copy you on the flower pot and flower thing. any ideas for boys parties? this looks so great and the kids look like they are having so much fun. i love seeing allison and amy's little girls there. i love that i recognize them!

  2. Those flower balloons turned out so cute!! This party looks like every girls dream! What a fun memory you created for Abby.

    I love all of the posing pictures. Such cute girls!

  3. I love the idea of a flower birthday party. The flower balloons are great and I love that they got to paint their own flower pots and plant flowers. They must have thought it was so cool!

  4. I wish Hannah wanted a flower party. She is dead set on a High School Musical Party and everything I've found online caters to the 10-13 year olds, not 5 year olds! Cake idea? Project? Any ideas would be great!

  5. The flower theme for a party is a cute idea! I love it! You have some really good creative juices in you! I'll have to store this idea in my brain for a future party! So fun! Thanks for sharing.

    The girls look like they had a great time! Glad it was so successful! Happy Birthday Abby!

  6. The girls look so excited in the last picture to take their flowers home! Hope Abby had a great birthday!

  7. The flower party was a great idea and the pots turned out so cute.

    As a sidenote, I really wish I had the time to fix my daughters hair that day. embarrasing!

  8. What a fun party.... I'll have to file this away for a few years! I can't wait.

  9. Noelle, what about Alicia's girl? (Macy's the one in the the long-sleeved blue shirt in the first pictures, and the short-sleeved blue shirt in the last pictures.)

    Macy had so much fun and the flower theme was so cute. I love the balloons!

    Please don't disown me for not calling to tell Abby Happy Birthday yesterday. I thought about it several times, I'm so sorry! Hope she had a great day.

  10. Ally loved this birthday party. Ally just loves Abby! These pictures are adorable! I had to right click on a few of them for myself. Thanks for posting.


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