4 Weeks

Can you believe it? Audrey is already four weeks old.

Some updates:

*While napping Audrey likes to keep one eye open at all times.
{I'll post that picture later}

*Gas is her biggest vice.

* Audrey sneezes in sequences of four or more.

*Audrey prefers to stay in her pajamas all day.
{Honestly, so do I}

* Much to her mother's delight, Audrey is a fantastic baby.

* Much to her mother's chagrin, Audrey is growing ever so rapidly.

* Yeah! Audrey likes her pacifier!

* Audrey is developing the most lovely little rolls on her legs.
{We grow chubby babies}

Does someone know how to slow this whole growing thing down?
Have a Ghoulishly Happy Halloween!


  1. Not I!!! My baby is almost 2 and it seems like it way yesterday when I thought I never be done with my pregnancy. I do think documenting things like you're doing helps a ton. I wish I would've been blogging when I had my last. She's a cutie. We grow
    chubby baby's too! :)

  2. Chubby babies are the best! Audrey is a gorgeous little baby. That's funny about sleeping with one eye open. Jake still does this. It's funny. Congrats to Audrey for enjoying her pacifier{read congrats to YOU that Audrey enjoys her pacifier!}

  3. I wish Morgan liked his pacifier, you're so lucky! She is a doll and looks like she's made all of sweetness. Enjoy the cuddle stage as long as you can.

  4. D, thanks for the bathroom/baby update! I love to see what things (animate and inanimate) you're working on! Nice job!

  5. Audrey is so precious. I seriously can't believe that it's been 4 weeks! How is that even possible? I know what you mean about wanting it to slow down! It's crazy, how life is slipping by faster than we can think! Glad she's such a great baby!

  6. She's 4 weeks?? I guess I should come see you before she turns 1 year.

  7. She is so precious. I like to stay in my pajamas all day too. Why is that is frowned upon so much?

  8. i LOVE pajamas. as i was going through my newborn boy clothes and most of them are pj's i though 'yup, him and me, in our pj's all day' sooo nice.
    lovely picture of her. lovely that she loves her pacifier. so sad she is growing so fast. funny when you think your toddler is such a little baby until you have a baby and then they seem like goliath in comparison.

  9. Audrey already a month old? It's not possible. By the way, how do you feel kidney-stone free?


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