The Office, Lux Strollers and My Baby Wish List

I'm exhausted. For the past 3.5 months I have been a single mother and I'm about ready to pitch a fit. Yeah, yeah, my house is looking great, but is the insanity it's causing worth it? Good thing Ryan proclaimed earlier this week that his deadline for the basement is next Thursday. Why Thursday you ask? Because that is the night the new season of The Office begins. Ryan loves The Office. Never mind the baby I have been nourishing inside my womb for the last 8.5 months is threatening to make an arrival. The Office is starting and dog gone it, this basement will be complete!

While out this morning with a friend and enjoying the freedom that the public school system has afforded us for a few hours each day, we decided to check out
these. I never thought I would be the kind of person that would actually covet a stroller, but it has happened. I first heard about them here and the review peaked my curiosity. Seriously, I felt like I was pushing a Cadillac around the baby boutique. While checking out the competition, Owen sat happily, almost mesmerized, in the caddy, I mean stroller and didn't make a peep for 10 minutes. It was almost like he knew he was in the presence of greatness. That's worth the hefty price tag alone, isn't it? Ryan didn't think so either.

While I'm on the subject of babies, I wanted to share a few things I plan on acquiring for my newest little bundle.

  1. This is something that I have read a lot about. While checking the website, watch the video. I can't wait to get mine and try it out when the baby gets old enough! It's for ages 3-24 months.

  2. This looks like a must have. Especially the way my children eat!

  3. I'm not sure I can live without this. Good for the environment and stylish too? Yes, I must make one mine. Thank goodness there is a plethora available for a steal on ebay.

  4. These are to die for. search the website, you'll fall in love too.

  5. Can someone make me one of these with just-as fabulous fabric? I'm not sure a $50.00 baby blanket will swing around my house, but it is oh-so-lovely!

So many baby products, so little time...

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love how we have babies at around the same time. You always share the best finds. I loved every single product. I think I may have to check ebay for one of those bags...

  2. Yeah, those bags are so cool! I love the shoes too. Interesting that they are all girl shoes...heehhee

  3. The boy shoes are way cute too, but how can you pass up pink shoes with flowers?

  4. Everything is adorable. I love the brown Olivia shoes. So cute.

    That first balnket on the spongy feet site, the one with a brown base and retro looking flowers is to die for. Anything with chenille is precious but that one is oh so cute.

    I can't wait to see the basement finished and to see your husband actually sitting down and relaxing!

  5. My sister, darcie has a comforter in that same vintage/retro fabric that you like. She made it herself so I'm sure she bought it at Walmart or JoAnn's. Nan would know.

  6. Cute stuff!! That blanket looks oh so snugglie!

  7. The stroller is perfect for first time stroller buyers (I borrowed the first time around) because it is a single stroller that accomodates most car seats, a double stroller, and a jogging stroller all in one. That way you don't have to buy all three. I have been eyeing those fleurville bags too. I'll have to check ebay. I love the fabric on those slings, too! Keep us posted on any new baby finds:)

  8. Cute stuff! So exciting that your basment will be done......even if it is motivated by the Office!

  9. Yay for The Office! Can't wait. All of the baby items are adorable and stylish. I can't believe all of the amazing things they keep coming up with for babies and mommies. Yay for internet shopping as well!

  10. i can't believe how you find all of this stuff. seriously, if it's not at target, i have no idea it's out there. though i do want a sling for this one. i borrowed the one i used with kate and i'm hoping my MIL offers a gift for the new one and i'll have her make me one...or two....or three in great fabric like these are. i am in the market for a diaper bag and this has piqued my interest. i'm more into the REI scene though. i love the shoes. i'll have to check out their boy line. i also want those squeeky shoes from china. they are hilarious. i'm going to copy you and post about what i want. maybe people will get the hint. :) ha ha ha.

  11. oh! and dare i miss to comment on MY favorite show of all time! i am so excited for the office to begin. would have bought season three at costco but they attached it to seasons one and two which i've already seen. can't wait! watch, the baby makes it's debut right at 8 o'clock thursday night. hopefully you have teevo.

  12. I'm not pregnant, but these baby items made me drool. Oh to be a chic mom who uses stuff like that. And a rich mom who can afford all that stuff. :)

    Can't wait for the Office and I'm so excited for Ryan to get a life again. He's going to have a nervous breakdown, but not before he dies of aspestos poisoning.

  13. I don't believe Ryan can sit down. I have never seen him do it actually, but he sure deserves to that is for sure.

    Those are some beautiful finds. I think Jack needs a sling. He can't be out of our sight. He likes being attached to us, so I think he would love a sling (not sure Nan would, but I think I could handle one).


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