Camp Out.

Friday, after Ryan got home from work we went to our Elder's Quorum Camp Out. Believe me, this was a much needed vacation from the house.
Ryan helped cook breakfast while the kids...
Did this.

Kristen's husband Jack brought along this fun toy for the children. Or at least that's what he said.

We took a nice hike to the amphitheater and stopped for a picture on the bridge Ryan's dad built a few years ago.
The children rode in the back of the pick-up. Until we got to the main road, of course.

On the way home Owen did this.

And then we saw this in the rear view mirror.

Who knew that even if you weren't speeding you could be ticketed for "following too closely" when passing the car in front of you. Lame way to end things, but dear Ryan was so relaxed, he didn't mind too much. That is until he noticed the fine. $124 bucks!


  1. $124? Seriously! That seems like kind of a lame reason to give a ticket. So sorry that your lovely weekend had to end with this. I love that you snapped a picture of the police car though! Very funny.

    I'm happy for you guys that you were able to get away, even if only for a night. It sounds like it was a very welcome break.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! Sorry, I'm laughing out loud! I can't believe that you got pulled over! Bummer! Was that after lunch?? We stopped at Ray's too, except we sat in the drive-thru for about 25 minutes waiting for our food!! We are so glad that you guys came! We had a great time!

  3. The picture of Owen "doing this" cracks me up! So funny.

    I'm glad you got out of the house for a night!

  4. That must have been one bored policeman. Looks like you guys had fun despite that.

  5. You have to be soooo careful in Walla Walla county. They have to make some money somewhere since they hardly have any cities in their county to make revenue. Leon got nailed there as did I a number of years ago. Sorry guys.

  6. I can't believe you got $124 ticket for following too closely. Craziness!

  7. what?that is the stupidest reason for a ticket i have every heard! where were you?oregon? atleast you got some cute pictures and a break from the house.

  8. Mitch got the same ticket in that same county! They really love that reason.
    We missed this campout. Wish we didn't- looks like you had a fun time. jealous.
    Hiking at 7 mo. preggo- uh, not me! you are ambitious.

  9. What cute pictures. I laughed out loud at Owen's picture and harder at your caption of it. Gotta love Owen and the super-fun phase he's going through right now!

    Okay, how many people would be smiling for the camera holding a ticket they totally did not deserve? So were the cows tipping themselves that day, the cop had to find something else to do with his time?

  10. I thought the same thing Leesh. I would not be that chipper. My picture would have a lighter underneath the dang thing.

  11. That is too bad, but glad you had fun anyway!


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