Lately we've been...

going to the library

choosing counter top colors


playing at the river


picking raspberries

enjoying summer

Enjoy these shots of our recent activities
and have a lovely hot day!


  1. What awesome pictures. They just scream "summer." That picture of Owen with the rasberry is awesome.

  2. Can I just say awesome one more time?

  3. Danyelle, Since pioneer days is coming up I just have to say you would have made a great pioneer. Great with child, living in makeshift quarters, hauling your children around from place to place, frolicking at the river and picking berries. Now you just need to pick up some "chips" for your camp fire and you would be official. You are a trooper and these will be great memories (down the road).

  4. Cute pictures! What is Easton holding? That is a crazy creature in his hand! Sounds like you are enjoying your summer. I hope your house is making some good progress!

  5. Looks like you guys are still managing to have some fun despite the work on your house. Makes it a little bit easier to deal with when you can get out and do some fun activites. Let us know if you guys need any extra help.

  6. How fun! Your pictures are always so inviting and fun! Hope all is going well with the remodel! I am glad to see you are still having a fun summer as well!

  7. Don't you just love Summer?

    Love these pictures!


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