You wanna see?

This Saturday night you are cordially invited to our

"Work In Progress" Party!

Come see the mess this house is in, eat some food, visit with friends, and get me out of this basement!

Festivities begin at 5:00. Bring a side dish, lawn chairs for your family, and all of your amazing decorating/remodeling/landscaping advice. We will provide the rest. My phone number is the same so call for the address and directions. RSVP's through comments will be greatly appreciated.
{I need to know how many otter pops to buy}
Can't wait to see you!
Please let any non-bloggers you think might be interested in attending know also.


  1. I love this song!

    I'm so bummed that I won't be able to come see your new house. We are having a "weinie roast" at Mike and Wileen's Saturday night. Basically that means that Mike has a bunch of wood that needs burning, so we will take advantage of the fire! Even if I'm not the biggest fan of hot dogs, there will S'more's!!!

    Have a great time!

  2. Shoot! I'm going to miss it, too! Jeff and I are going to Gwen Stefani's concert on Saturday. I would still love to see your new house sometime. What a great idea!

  3. We'll be there, with two little Myers in tow! Can't wait. Stock up on the Otter Pops! What a fun idea to do this!

  4. We will be out of the country, Ok just Canada. I'm bummed that we won't be able to come!

  5. Jack and I would love to come too. It will be fun seeing the progress that you guys have made, and I will actually get to meet Alicia! We are looking forward to it! Thanks for the invite.

  6. We will be there if we get back from Levi's graduation in time. He is having a party afterward at his house. I can't imagine Leon wanting to stay there too long. He is just like his Dad and doesn't want to stay away from home for very long.

  7. (imagine me crying) 'why do you ...sniff sniff...have to live so darn ...sniff...sniff...far away? everyone lives so far away! waaaaaaaaa.
    i'd come just so say hi. no ideas here that you oculdn't find in a magazine which is exactly where i find all 'my' ideas.


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