This is how we do it...

The "Work in Progress" party was a HUGE success!
The Children did this...
and this...

While the parents did this...
and this...
{This is my favorite shot of the night.
I love how Bill is assisting Brynnlee down the slide. }

My favorite quote of the night came from dear cousin Laurel. Laurel is pictured above eating a plate of delicious food. She is also eight months pregnant. When Laurel heard some yummy chocolate chip cookies had been placed on the food table she exclaimed,
"I want a cookie, where's Rich?"
Rich is Laurel's husband and has grown quite accustomed to fetching anything his dear wife desires. Rich keeps reminding Laurel that she won't be pregnant forever.

After some serious bounce time, the children were ready to bust open the pinata. The father's had their own pinata to take a crack at. The children's pinata contained suckers and bubble gum. The fathers contained chocolate. Yum Yum!

Here are the children scurrying for the stash.

As the party was winding down, these two scoundrels got their hands on a couple of leftover sausage dogs. They look happy don't they? Happy and guilty.

My dear friend Kristin brought me these beautiful flowers from her garden.

Aren't they perfectly lovely?

They also went with the decor which was even better!

Thank you to all who came.

You helped make this house feel more like home.

Stay tuned... There will be a "Project Completion" party sometime in September!


  1. It looks like we missed a great get together! I'm sorry we couldn't make it, as we had a "weinie roast" to attend. But more to come about that later...I definitely want to see your project completed! I know it will be gorgeous!

    The picture of Owen and Cole is hilarious! And I love the flowers from Kristin, they are beautiful.

  2. We had a great time at your party. One highlight for me was meeting the famous Alicia. It was fun seeing and meeting lots of blog people in person. You guys have done so much work on that house already and I can't wait to see the completion of it. It was a great night, my kids had a blast, and Jack had fun trying to get that Pinata to break open! Who ended up breaking them anyway??

  3. It was a very fun party, and we look forward to many many more!

  4. I'm so sad we missed it, looks like it was a ton of fun. We'll have to host one at our house next!

  5. It was fun- and that comment was Patent Laurel!! I love it.

  6. The night was seriously a blast. I can't remember another party where people were just so relaxed and enjoying sitting around and chatting. That picture of Bill is priceless, because it's what he did all night long. I had no idea anyone was taking pictures. That picture of Cole and Owen is awesome. And I was also so excited to meet Kristen. It was so fun and weird to sit and talk to her! Can't wait for the next shindig.

  7. Oh, and I forgot to say how GORGEOUS those flowers are. Those are from Kristen's garden? Wow, I'm impressed.

  8. This looked like so much fun. Sad we missed it, but we'll have to get together another time soon. Thanks for helping bring me dinner tonight. You are so crafty, you even turned the fruit into such a nice presentation. I also forgot to thank you for the book while you were here. It's very cute. Thanks a bunch!

  9. I'm so bummed with missed it but as you know, we had fam in town. At least I know I'll keep running into you at every store I go into , so we'll just keep visiting that way for now!


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