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Little birdies are everywhere!
From clothing to dishes and even Target bags, everywhere I go I see birds! I have always loved images of birds and have recently scored some vintage bird prints. While perusing Anthropologie, I noticed the bird abundance there as well.
Here are a few of my favorites.


  1. I hear ya on the bird images EVERYWHERE! I love them too. Ethan has that bird book, we gave it to him for Christmas and we got it at Costco. It is pretty cool.

    In my new Cards magazine there are a bunch of bird cards, very cute.

  2. I have been thinking the same thing about birds being everywhere. I am jealous of your vintage bird prints:)

  3. Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention. I must be in la-la land if I haven't seen them...

  4. I love birds, and I have been in la-la land with Tiffani, so I haven't noticed alot of them either. But, your collection is sure beautiful! Chirp! Chirp!

  5. Lots of cute items. There is just something cheerful about birds isn't there?


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