Something In The Air.

It's springtime and that means lots of children are learning to ride their bikes without training wheels.
Abby is no exception.

Saturday was a big day at our home. Abby learned to "pump" her legs all by herself on the swing and ride her bike!
Her Daddy followed with his roller blades to assure her she would be o.k.
She's really concentrating here.
Yeah for you Abby! We're so proud.


  1. Good job Abby! What a big day for her! I love the first one of her, she looks like she is trying so hard not to fall!!

  2. Yea, Abby! This is something that is needing to be done at our house in the near future and I am so nervous for it! It doesn't help that both Abby and Ally have now defeated the 2 wheeler, they are both younger than Macy! The pressures on....

  3. Congrats Abby! Now I can use this line on Lily, "Come on Lily, just try it, Abby can ride on two wheels!"

    Intimidation is the best tactic, I think.

  4. Good job Abby. Nice thinking Ryan, using the rollerblades.

  5. this is such a big day for them. brigham refused to try so we got him a razor scooter, he learned out to balance on that with no problem and then tried his bike a month later and tah dah! never fell down. he felt like the king of the world.

  6. What an accomplishment! I love the pumping (even though no one in my family knows how to yet!).

  7. Yay, that is so exciting. She looks adorable! I love the roller blade idea too! Good thinking!

  8. Abby + learning to ride bike = so cute! I remember learning to ride my bike. It's cute to see that she's wearing her helmet to boot!



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