Life is speeding up and my time to blog is shrinking. Thus, a blogging hiatus is in order. We're moving this weekend, {I can't believe it's already here!} so I'm not quite sure when I will return. We are scheduled to move into our new/old home June 11. Expect to see me sometime around then with a lot to talk about. Many exciting things are happening between now and then...

  • Our new ward is welcoming our family to the flock tonight with a picnic
  • We're seeing our baby for the first time on Thursday {don't worry, we're not finding out the sex, so you won't miss too much}
  • Daniel's Auction is this Friday at the Hampton Inn at 7:00
  • We sign papers to close on our existing home on Friday
  • Move out is Saturday
  • We attend our new ward on Sunday
  • Our existing home "records" as officially sold on Monday, and we have to be OUT!
  • We are homeless M-F of this coming week {don't worry, we'll figure something out}
  • Friday June 8th is the last day of school. YIPPIE!
  • We leave for a weekend getaway to the ocean with some friends after we sign papers on our new/old house on Friday.
  • Monday June 11 is MOVE IN!
  • Today is my 91st post. 100 is coming before you know it and there will be a chance for you to win some "Happy Mail" supplied by yours truly. It will be lovely and very desirable. The wheels are already turning...

I will miss you, dear blogging friends. Say a little prayer that I will accomplish all that needs to be done between now and when we meet again.
I will see you soon...