Everyone Needs a Friend Like This...

I believe that everyone needs a friend. More importantly, everyone needs a friend that inspires, motivates, uplifts, listens, cares and... buys gifts. I have a few fantastic friends. Friends that encourage, and energize me into becoming more like them. Or maybe just a better version of myself. The kind of friends that are such wonderful people I get excited to talk to them, to learn from them and to laugh with them. One of these is dear Marilyn. Marilyn is more than a friend, we're practically sisters. Marilyn is also my husband's cousin. And, believe it or not I am soon-to-be her parents next door neighbor! What luck!

So, back to the gift giving part. Marilyn and her mom, being the luckiest girls in the whole wide world, just went on a whirl wind trip to NEW YORK! And this was my treat:

Can you believe my luck?
Sweet Marilyn bought this hot little number for little ol' me at
Seriously, this is the sweetest apron ever and it was living in NYC!
I almost feel like I have been there! Almost.

Every good apron needs a pocket.
It even looks lovely waiting for me on a hook.
Question. Do you tie your apron in the front or the back? I have always tied mine in the front and Marilyn was looking at me a little funny when I put it on. Do share!
And thank you Marilyn for this most treasured gift!
Also, this gift arrived just in time for "Apron Week" on C Jane.
Check it out here


  1. So CUTE! That is a great friend! I tie mine in the back....and I have to know is that YOU wearing the apron?? Aren't you like 5 months preg??? With your 4th??? You're not even showing!

  2. Definitely a keeper! That is a very cute apron. I think it would make Cjane proud!

    Oh, and I tie in the back. Although, if I had that cute little, and I mean LITTLE prego belly, I would probably tie in front too! It's adorable!

  3. I tie in the front. I can't stand the long strands spankin' my bum while I'm working!

  4. That's a beautiful apron! I don't know if I would wear it when having to wipe my grimy hands all over it while baking! I guess that occasion only occurs once in a blue moon. It's adorable tied in the front!

  5. I love your new apron! It is inspriring it makes want to go to my kitchen and start baking. Only I think now I may have to go out and find a new stylin apron to do it in. Who would have ever thought that aprons could be so vogue! I tie my apron in the back. In fact it had never even occured to me to tie my apron in the front mabye when I get some new cute aprons .....I just may have to try tying mine in the front. Oh by the way so happy you will be moving into my ward!

  6. i love the pictures. love the apron. i tie mine in back. sooo boring i know. but it takes imaginative people like you to inspire to break out of the mold!

  7. Fun apron, Danyelle! My apron is really unattractive to look at. It almost looks like one of those cloth gowns you wear at the ob/gyn. It doesn't even have strings, it has velcro. My Nana made it for me though. It looks just like hers and for that reason I absolutely love it. Now that she's gone, it always makes me smile when I put it on.

  8. I am so glad that you like the apron, it looks adorable on you and on the hooks. I really have never seen anyone tie their apron in the front, but you're unique, you know. It felt kind of stupid to buy you an apron in NYC, the chicesst, trendiest place in the world, but when I saw it and pictured you wearing it in your new 1958 kitchen, I could not resist!

    You really are the funnest person in the world to shop for.

  9. Jessica, Yes I'm about 5 months pregnant and you should see my belly now. It always doubles in size by the end of the day. Is that a good thing? I think not!

    Kim H, I'm excited about being in your ward too!

    Lindsay, I love your description of your apron. Email C Jane a picture! I bet you aren't the only one with velcro!

    Marilyn, the apron was the perfect gift. It IS chic and trendy! And remember how fun I am to shop for the next time you're out and about. I'm always up for fun surprises:)

  10. Danyelle must only be fun to shop for if you're chic like her, because I think she is the hardest to shop for!! (Maybe if I branched out from Walmart....)

  11. Danyelle,

    Hey, It's Kristen Gourley. My son Tyler was on the baseball team last year with Easton. I found your blog through Kim H. and Sarah D. I love all of your ideas. I started doing my own too. I heard about the house purchase. It's exciting that you will be in 1st Ward. So we welcome you to it! The gift that you got from Marilyn is awesome! I love it. Oh and I tie my aprons in the front!! It's easier for me to take it on and off!

  12. Alicia, I'm hard to shop for?:( My most sincere apologies. I'll try harder to be easier to shop for. Did that make sense?

    Welcome! It's always fun to see a new, but familiar face! Thanks for the welcome to your ward, we're excited about being there.

  13. Howdy Neighbor!

    Danyelle, Danyelle, Danyelle. pregnant and you can tie your apron in the front. I have never had an apron with strings long enough to wrap around my girth. I wonder if they make tall aprons at the tall girl shop?


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