"A Walk In The Park" Easter Weekend: Part 4.

On Saturday, Riverfront Park was lovely and the weather was even more agreeable. Sunny skies, a light breeze and 72 degrees. Does it get any better? Mix those conditions with the company of dear friends and life seems just about perfect.
All of the children in front of the ginormous clock tower.
(the clock tower was so huge, it wouldn't fit in the picture with the little ones)

The dads treated all of the young ens to a new book while Catherine, Abby and I shopped for Easter dresses. Jacob picked a book about mushrooms, Daniel was intrigued by bugs, Easton chose a Magic Tree House (hardcover edition of course), and Ryan picked a My Little Pony book for his little girl.

After the shopping was done we ate al fresco in the park. Yum Yum!

Our only group shot together.
(Oh, why didn't I take off my sunglasses?)

Have a lovely weekend!