Little League.

This is Easton's first year of Little League Baseball. This is no YMCA. There are uniforms, a real field, 2 games a week, strikeouts, and these boys know how to make plays! Easton's team sponsor is A-L Compressed Gases. We think this is a funny name and so does Easton. Compressed gas is a dangerous thing in our home.

Isn't this the best looking team you've ever seen?

Easton's sporting his game face.
You never know when your competitors may be watching you!


  1. Way to go Easton!

    Is is just me or does Easton resemble Jackson H. quite a bit in this picture?

  2. I was thinking the EXACT same thing!

  3. So cute! They are all so adorable. I love Easton's game face!

    Sierra and Mateo are in Hannah's class at school.

    I remember Mateo from T-ball, I was always amazed at that little guy's athletic ability!

  4. how fun. glad that he likes the sport that ryan likes so much. i think it makes it easier to support. not sure what we'll do if one of our boys goes out for football.....
    i guess we'll really get into football! :)

  5. It is so weird but Easton and Jackson resemble eachother so much, sometimes it's scary!

    Noelle, funny thing is, Ryan would rather Easton play football. He says it's more fun to watch.

  6. Cute picture! Is that Brock Andelin in the middle? Those guys are cute.

  7. It took me three times of scanning the team picture to find Easton, and the picture of just him I thought, "That's Jackson, not Easton." I've always thought they looked similar, but this picture is crazy!! Are you sure it's Easton? :)
    How fun for him. Who's his coach?
    Noelle, love the new pic!

  8. Can you say Jackson Henry?


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