Race Day Results.

Today's post is quite a bit later than usual, but I slept terrible last night and woke to a very anxious little girl who was anticipating her Kindergarten shots. A few tears later, the shots are done (nothing a happy meal couldn't fix) and nap time has ensued.

Ryan completed his first 10K race on Saturday and I thought you would like to share the experience.

Stretching with Marilyn's husband Brandon

Ryan was running so fast toward the finish line this was the best shot I got.
I actually think it has a better effect.

Just about to the finish line. His official time was 50:58. Not bad for a beginner!


  1. Seriously! Who is this malek guy! Get a life!

    Awesome post Danyelle, Brandon will be thrilled that you have pics from the race.

    Lily needs to get her shots as well, and I am really dreading them. She has had so many needles stuck in her arms in her short lifetime, that I am afraid she will need to be held down by 10 people!

    I hope you sleep better tonight, try stretching, or a bath, or meditation...I don't know, but all these ideas are just in my head!

  2. Danyelle, I laughed so hard at your response to Mehdi. I used to get those alot, random advertisement comments, and then they stopped. I am so proud of Ryan and his race, and I loved the "he beat this girl". so funny.

  3. i loved the music and the comment about the girl. :) his time was great! the picture of him coming into the finish line is perfect. atleast it's not blurry. but it is a great effect.

  4. I loved the music. It reminded me of Forrest Gump when he ran cross country. So if we see Ryan sporting a 2 foot long beard we'll know he's just "runnin' on empty" cross country! Good for Ryan! Loved the pictures.

  5. 10K. Wow Ryan that is awesome. With everyone getting into running it makes me almost want to start. Heavy on the almost!


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