You Are My I Love You.

On Friday night, my husband shooed me out the door for some much needed alone time. I had been in the house all week with sick children and he could sense my need for a night out. 

Whenever I get this sort of opportunity I am instantly excited to go to two of my favorite places, Target and TJ Maxx. Have I told you before how much I heart these stores? If I haven't I am now. Target is the place to be. I find everything there. Things I need and some things I may not "need" but want and love. TJ Maxx is not as great as Target, but has many wonderful qualities in herself. This sweet book is a perfect example. You never go to TJ Maxx because you need something. You go for the hunt. The opportunity to find something amazing. On this particular trip I found two amazing things. "You Are My I Love You" was one of those things. I was minding my own business headed towards the furniture section when this book caught my eye. The title was precious and the story inside was even better. So I snatched up two. I couldn't help myself. One is for my children to enjoy and one is for the next person who has a baby. 

The story is so adorable I was wondering if I could share it with you?
I knew you wouldn't mind so here goes...

"I am your parent; you are my child.
I am your quiet place; you are my wild.
I am your calm face; you are my giggle.
I am your wait; you are my wiggle.
I am your carriage ride; you are my king.
I am your push; you are my swing.
I am your audience; you are my clown.
I am your London Bridge; you are my falling down.
I am your carrot sticks; you are my licorice.
I am your dandelion; you are my first wish.
I am your water wings; you are my deep.
I am your open arms; you are my running leap.
I am your way home; you are my new path.
I am your dry towel; you are my wet bath.
I am your dinner; you are my chocolate cake.
I am your bedtime; you are my wide awake.
I am your finish line; you are my race.
I am your praying hands; you are my saying grace.
I am your favorite book; you are my new lines.
I am your night-light; you are my star shine.
I am your lullaby; you are my peekaboo.
I am your good-night kiss;
you are my I love you."
Whew! I hope you enjoyed.
Now go hug your "I Love You"


  1. That is the most adorable book, I will have to remember that one, when the next baby is born. My favorite line is "I am your quiet place; you are my wild". How true is that? Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a sweet book. Don't you love when you find something great when you weren't even looking? It makes my day.

  3. I totally agree that TJ Maxx is a place to hunt. I love when I have some time to kill there...

    The book is adorable. I'll have to get the kids a copy. It's so true.

  4. I love that it shows both sides of the fence, parent as opposed to child. It hits the differences on the nose! It reminded me of a scrapbook page I saw done once of a picture of a mother and toddler son and down one side had written "I see..." and put all her flaws like wide hips and thin lips and down the other side it said "he sees..." and it had things like "boo boo kisser" and "patty-cake player". It was so cool.

  5. I think I have the Christmas version of this book. My Mom got it for the kids for Christmas. I think it is called, "You are my Christmas Miracle" or something like that. I'll have to dig it up. I like the -I am your bedtime you are my wide awake part. Cute book! LOOOOOVE TJ Maxx.

  6. I love this book! My MIL got it for me when I was prego with my first. Little did I know how true the words really were! It is also one of my kids favorites!

  7. You don't know me, I lurk, but I do love your blog and I am wondering how you paint those silhouttes that you posted about in January. I've been wanting to make some for myself and I dont know how to go about it. Help?

  8. Welcome Ali! (I'm assuming Al is not the one lurking and wanting to paint some silhouettes) The silhouettes are very easy! I just found an image I liked, copied to cardstock, cut it out, traced it to the canvas and painted. Believe it or not, Wal-Mart has inexpensive canvases in packs of three. They're great because they are thin enough to frame if that's your fancy. I peeked at your blog and your little Cooper is one handsome boy! Hope to hear more from you in the future!

  9. whenever i'm in one of those moods, abe sends me to barnes and noble for a good cup of steamed milk, something from their bakery and a pile of house plan books and house magazines. aaaahhhhhh.

  10. I really like this book! My MIL got it for me when I was prego with my first. Little did I know how real the terms really were! It is also one of my children most favorite. linkedin


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