Sweets For My Sweets.

To spoil my children, they each get a sweet treat . . .

Abigail is the only girl and she LOVES
High School Musical, so she gets a poster for the back of
her bedroom door. Isn't she sweet!

Owen is my baby and he would rather watch
The Backyardigans than have family prayer,
so he gets a new movie. Isn't he sweet!

Easton is a boys boy, but can still love his mommy,
so he gets Legos because he likes to build a lot.
Isn't he sweet!

My sweets have all been sick this week.
And they are missing their
Valentine's Day parties at school.
And they LOVE Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day To You!
Go spoil someone you love.


  1. Your kids will love their new treasures! I'm sorry they are all still sick. Are you feeling any better? Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day. Or as good as it can be with the sickies.

  2. This post is beautiful. The pictures are so warm and cozy looking.

  3. Hi Danyelle--
    I can't find your email address here, so I'm leaving a comment...Yes, French General is amazing. Love the kits--Anthro sells them sometimes. The store itself was amazing. We made it a must-stop in California last year. You and Kristin would have died to see all their amazing beads. Your blog is fun--I enjoy seeing your daily posts! Happy V-Day! And Happy Birthday to Kristin yesterday!

  4. Cute Valentine's.... isn't making Holidays magical for your own kids?? I love it.

  5. Marilyn, i was thinking the exact same thing. Danyelle, your pictures always look so....well, warm and cozy! I always have to sit and wonder if you downloaded them from somewhere, til I saw your kids' names on the cards.

  6. danyelle - how do you get your light in your pictures? you obviously don't use the flash. they look like they are lit by candle light. and about anthropology; abe and i went in the store the other night on our date just so i could look around and tell you how dang cool it is. they have the most amazing antique glass door knobs. so, when you come down to my girls night out (alicia's blog comment) we can all go to anthropology after the bowling. good times!

  7. Noelle, you're right. I try not to use the flash. I have pretty low light in my home, so I usually adjust the lighting in adobe after I take the picture. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a new camera soon. I want to become a better photographer, but I am hindered a lot by my camera.


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