Stationary Confessions.

I need to make a confession.

I love stationary. It's a weakness, I know but I can't help myself. Beautiful papers, binders, pens, and the like make me happy. I imagine myself living a hectic free life where I can sit around for hours composing beautiful letters to the people I love. Of course these letters would be written on the most delicious stationary available.

Russell + Hazel is a source I found thanks to Martha. If you like stationary, just enjoy looking at beautiful things, or perhaps you are in the need of a little inspiration, Russell + Hazel is for you. I have been drooling over the products available through this company for about a year and have finally made my first purchase.

When my treasure arrived, I was cheerfully greeted with lovely packaging.

Isn't it yummy?

I decided on the classic three ring binder in lime and the coordinating tab index dividers. This binder will be used as our "Family Reference Binder." What is a "Family Reference Binder" you ask? You will have to attend my organizing class February 22 to find out. In the mean time, you can enjoy Russell + Hazel for yourself.

p.s. Russell + Hazel has a sweet line titled "Audrey" that I love.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better Danyelle.(Hopefully you are : ) Every day that I checked and there wasn't a new adorable post, it made me sad for you. I love checking your blog in the mornings, it's like opening a new present every day. I never know what it will be, but I know it will be delightful!

    You'll be a great teacher for that class, can't wait!

  2. Danyelle, thanks for the new link to check out. I really like their recipe binder set, that looks like fun!

  3. Ok Danyelle, I have been searching this link a little more and I LOVE the signature patterned binders, and the personalized embosser. That embosser, is awesome!

  4. That is way cute. I have always loved paper, pens, stationary, anything of the sort. I didn't know we shared that passion!

  5. danyelle - love to hear about one of your 'passions'. i'll have to check out the site. i used to use amazing paper for my letters to abe while he was on his mission but it was taking all of my cinnabon money and i knew that as a 19 year old guy, he probably didn't care. so i used yellow legal pad the rest of the time. :)


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