It's a need...really!

I have been a very good girl lately and this blouse is calling me by name.
It can be found at Anthropologie and is charmingly named...
"Benita Blouse."

Isn't it lovely?


  1. Danyelle-that shirt is so perfectly you! It is adorable. I'm sure you have been a very good girl. I mean you did make your daughter an apron. Think of the time and service and love you put into that apron. You totally deserve this!

  2. Danyelle, I agree. That blouse is totally you. I really enjoyed your slide show. I think I should send it to GAP and they could use your whole family for a catalog! You guys are beautiful (inside and out). Tami

  3. You deserve it! and i say this becuase i deserved a new pair of glasses that i actually feel cute in and i went and got them today and i feel amazing! you might want to leave this picture and purchasing information in ryan's car just as a BIG valentine's hint. hint hint.

  4. It's awesome, and the best part is you would look exactly like that wearing it! The shirt would change its form completely if I put it on! I agree with Noelle, have Ryan give it to you as a V-Day present.

  5. Danyelle, i was just on a friends blog and decided to click on one of her links of a friends blog and came upon one i thought you'd like a lot. this lady is pretty amazing and she brought up a anthropology dress so i thought you guys might be soul sisters.

  6. That is a very cute shirt and I echo Alicia's sentiments about how it would look exactly like that on you. You have the kind of figure that just works with that kind of shirt...or, just about anything you desire to wear.


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