My Valentine Loves Me.

Here's how I know:
1. My Valentine had roses delivered to me.
2. My Valentine changed all of Owen's diapers.
3. My Valentine picked out a sweet card for me.
4. My Valentine gave me a gift card to Anthropologie.
5. My Valentine told me things that you only
hear from your Valentine.

I hope your Valentine was good to you too.


  1. You know how I feel about your husband. He is just one of those guys that sets the bar REALLY high for other husbands. #2 & #5 are perfect examples.

    Yeah, you get to shop, shop, shop at Anthro!

  2. I know I'm a geek, but introduce me to Anthropologie. Other than your posts I have never even heard of it....

  3. I'm glad you got a break from diaper duty! Yeah!

    So are you going to buy that lovely little shirt? Can't wait to hear all about your Anthropologie finds!

  4. Marilyn, it really sucks because he learned it from my dad, both my brothers are like this, and so the bar was set really high when I got married. I have to constantly stop myself from comparing my husband to them and tell myself that it's not my husband, they are just way above and beyond.
    Danyelle, I don't know what anthropologie is either.

  5. Anthropologie, my dears, is one of the most inspiring places out there. I stumbled upon it walking down Fifth in Seattle with Ryan a few years ago. I have been an Anthropologie worhiper since. Check out the website and enjoy.

  6. I LOVE anthropologie too. I used to live right on top of one and I went there almost every day. You were getting me all excited because I thought maybe there was one in the tri-cities now, but from posts it doesn't sound like it...

  7. When we lived in Cali, one of our favorite things to do was to hit 3rd Street Promanade in Santa Monica. We LOVE Anthropologie as well. Everytime we'd go in Tyler would say: "This is what I want our house to look like". I haven't been to the Seattle store, I'm sure it's just as amazing. Every detail of the place was inspiring, I totally agree with you!

  8. I just had this after thought- I'm also on Free People and Urban Outfitters mailing lists, I think you'd like them as well. :)

  9. That is so funny you said that Sunshineraye, Urban Outfitters is right next door to Anthropologie on Fifth in Seattle. Those are two must stops whenever we're in town. I have heard of Free People, but have never been to a store. I'll have to check out the website and see about getting a catalog.

  10. Mary Ann, how lucky for you to go everyday! I think I would die if the T.C. were to get an Anthropologie. We're not hip enough.


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