February has arrived!

I love February!
How could I not like a month that is all about love?

I love the romance that February hangs over our heads.

February makes me excited, at any momentI could receive a valentine in the mail or my husband could bring home some beautiful flowers just because he loves me.

The colors of February are also fantastic!

Red, pink and white are a classic, vibrant and fun combination!

I am loving red at the moment, so I am thrilled today is February 1.

In February the stores have Valentine displays and I adore Valentine's .

I love to create cards and a card that is made to express love for a person close to my heart makes me feel especially warm and fuzzy on a cold, gray February morning.

Happy February to you!


  1. I do too! I love helping my kids send out their Valentine cards. It's just too sweet. And who wouldn't like a mouth full of Red, Pink, and White M&M's?

  2. Ok. I want to know more about the slide show. The pictures are amazing! Who took them and where?

  3. what a fun thing that slide show is! (sorry that came out sounding a very yoda-ish) i love your family pictures. i am hoping to get some done before i get pregnant again and fall looks like a great time to do it. the leaves and trees are beautiful. maybe we will take a trip out there so we can copy :). you know how i like to copy other people's ideas. when i saw that bowl of m&m's i just about melted. they loook sooooo good. i think i could eat that hole bowl in under 1/2 an hour. oh who am i kidding? it'd be gone in 10 minutes. :) what are you getting ryan for valentines?

  4. Danyelle, I love the "Happy February". How cute! Valentine's Day has always been one of my very favorite holiday, for the same reasons. I am such a sucker for romance. And I love the colors, too. Seriously, how did you do that slide show?

  5. I love valentines colors, and making valentines projects for my kids grandmas. Happy February!

  6. Hi Danyelle! How are you? I found your blog from your comment on Heather's blog! It is so cute, you are so creative! Your family pictures are amazing, they look like they should hang in a studio somewhere! How is your sister? I haven't seen her forever! Tell her hello for me!

  7. Heather- Billie Grimmett took our family pictures in Chiawana park. Thanks for the compliments:).

    Noelle- You and Abe totally need to come here! It would be a blast. The bowl of M&M's is now empty(thanks to me & Owen.) I don't know what I'm getting Ryan for Valentine's Day yet. He is coveting an iPhone at the moment, but I'm not sure when those come out.

    Alicia- Go to slide.com. It's super easy.

    Jessica- It's good to hear from you! Sherice is great. Her family is still in Kennewick with three little girls. They are actually thinking about trying for a little boy soon. You should give her a call, I know she would love to hear from you! Call me and I can give you her number.

    Sorry about the long post, I wish it were easier to answer questions!


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