Creative Outlet.

What is the purpose of a blog?

For some, it is a way to express inner most feelings.

Others use a blog as a vehicle to share photos, experiences,

precious life moments not to be missed or forgotten.

My blog is for all of these things...but, also to assist in getting my

creative juices flowing.

This blog is my creative outlet.

Okay, let's get real. This blog is one of my creative outlets.

It's also a place to display my children's artwork. 

This piece was done by Abigail age 5.


  1. What the heck!! When were you going to tell any of us that you started a blog?! And how did you do it, I've never seen one like this, did you custom-make it all? I totally want to if that's what you did.

  2. I used bloggers template and cutomized the colors, font, links and such. I just started last night and knew you would find me quick.

  3. Danyelle, I love it. You inspire me. Sorry for being such a copycat!

  4. wow - i heard that the new blog is a lot more individualistic than the old blog but i never have seen one like this. very unique and so much fun.


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