Orange You A Cutie Valentines.

Valentine's day is right around the corner and since citrus season is still going strong I thought it would be fun to turn everyone's favorite easy to peel snack into a valentine. My kids LOVE cuties so I knew they would be on board for this idea too. 

The supplies for this project are so easy to find! Just gather cutie oranges, small clear plastic treat bags, green card stock, twine, a small hole punch and scissors. After you download the tag printable simply print the tags onto your green card stock and cut. Have your child add their name and then tie the tags onto the bags with your cutie already tucked inside. I trimmed the tops of my clear bags a bit so there wasn't a bunch of plastic left over at the top. I think it gives them a nicer look.

You can download the Orange You A Cutie Valentine tag printable here.

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Introducing Penelope Jane

It's already been three weeks since Penelope arrived. She was born in the early morning hours on January 12th after an easy labor and delivery weighing in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces. Life since then has been a blur but a happy blur at that. I am so very thankful she arrived healthy and know how lucky I am to mother her and her brothers and sisters.

My dear friend Kristin snapped these pictures before the sun set on her birth day. It's amazing how much she has already changed! I will treasure these images forever and ever.

He Is The Gift.

Here we are the second week into December. It's so hard to believe! I love this beautiful season and have been enjoying the traditions our family has established together over the years. Before I get into some holiday posts I've lined up I wanted to share with you this lovely video. If you're feeling a little down, lonely or questioning the hustle and bustle this time of year can bring, I promise it will uplift you. If you're feeling like you want to connect a little more to our Savior, it will do that too. How thankful I am for the greatest gift that was given to us all!

p.s. If you look closely, you can see a snippet from my How To Wrap A Gift video tutorial at around second :20. It was a fun day when I received that email!

Simple Halloween Decor

Out of all of the major holidays celebrated in the United States Halloween is at the bottom of my list. I love fall and pumpkins. I love cooler weather and hot cider but I cannot wrap my head around dressing up with the express purpose to scare the ever living out of people, especially children. We try to keep things pretty tame in our home. No scary costumes or decor for us. In fact, it's been years since I've actually decorated for Halloween.

I don't want to sound like I don't like having a good time, beacuse I do! I love how excited my children get choosing their costumes. I love watching them gleefully skip and run from house to house hoping to snag a favorite candy bar. I just don't like being creeped out. In an effort to celebrate this holiday that my children enjoy I picked up these darling little mice and bat silhouettes from the craft store for 70% off. Yesterday, while Henry napped Oliver and I set to work getting this house of ours a little more festive.

Oliver loved choosing just the right locations for the mice and bats and I loved seeing Henry's reaction when he finally woke up. Would you believe that he is completely freaked out? Every time he walks past the planked wall or passes a little mouse on the stairs he says "scawrrry!" It's hilarious and a little sad too. Thankfully, after many reassurances from Ryan and I he's beginning to warm up to our temporary house guests.

Disney Halloween Costumes

A couple of weeks ago our family attended a Disney themed Halloween party. The idea was for every guest to come dressed as a different Disney character. It was a lot of fun putting together the kids' costumes. With all that has been happening with our flood it was nice to be distracted from making house related decisions (like choosing appliances) and focus on something a little more creative. 

Pia's costume was easy. Being from Germany, she's never actually heard of any of the Disney characters but was willing to dress up as Merida anyway. We borrowed her dress, snagged the bow and arrow from Target and sprayed a little orange in her curly hair.

Easton had an easy time deciding who to be. We all love the movie Up and thought this would be a fun costume to pull together. He wore his church clothes and added the suspenders from his Trek outfit. I searched thrift stores for a walker but wasn't able to find one so I bought the one here from Wal-Mart for $15 (we added the tennis balls). Easton made his glasses from black pipe cleaners. I know it's hard to see in this pic but I also made a grape soda pop badge. A bunch of balloons and white hair spray pulled it all together.

Abby's tan skin made Pocahontas an easy choice for her costume. We cut up an old shepherd's costume, put her hair in braids and called it good. Abby made the necklace from a long piece of teal ribbon. It was super cute.

Oh, Owen. This boy has always loved dressing up. He wore my cave woman costume from when Easton was a baby and added a wig we already owned. He begged and begged for me to paint some chest hair on him and I finally relented. He loved getting into character. Obviously.

Audrey's Snow White costume was actually her Christmas gift from last year. I put a little mascara and red lipstick on her (which made her whole life) and added a pretty ribbon to her hair.

Oliver pulled this knight costume from our Halloween box and was as happy as can be. I bought him some black sweats and that was it.

Ryan and I took the couple costume route. He was the headless horseman and I was the pumpkin head. The kids kept saying how gross his neck was but he didn't scare anyone so that was good.

Henry refused an individual picture. The woody costume was worn by Easton 12 years ago! Can you believe that?!

We all had a great time at the party. It's nice to have everything ready for Halloween night as opposed to the last minute scrambling I usually do. Have your kids decided what they want to be this year?

p.s. I added some links in this post from some very old posts. It was fun looking back. My babies have gotten so big!